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Palak Paneer Recipe

Palak Paneer

By Deepa Bhatnagar

Our favorite vegetarian dish, perfect for everyday or special enough for entertaining. This consists of paneer (farmer’s cheese) in a spinach sauce that is seasoned with caramelized onions. We make ours without cream so you can enjoy it guilt-free.

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    30 minutes or less, Healthy

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Paneer - GOPI Paneer

Paneer - GOPI Paneer

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Palak Paneer Sauce

Palak Paneer Sauce


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Ingredients for Palak Paneer

  • 6 Select FRESH PANEER
  • 9 Select BABY SPINACH
  • 1 Select Palak Paneer Sauce
  • Instant Pot Instructions

    1. Add ½ cup water (1 cup for family), spinach, and then sauce.

    2. SEAL and cook on HIGH PRESSURE for 5 minutes.

    3. Once done, rest for 10 minutes, then VENT to release remaining pressure.

    4. Remove lid and add paneer.

    5. Set to SAUTE, stir intermittently for 3 minutes till paneer is soft. Enjoy!

    Why Palak Paneer Is Popular Indian Cuisine

    It’s a very popular vegetarian delicacy. Palak, since its arrival in the subcontinent, was the rural people’s food, and the robust homemade Palak paneer union fit the hardworking lifestyle of the village people, who laboriously worked the agricultural lands of the fertile province.

    This combination of spinach and paneer is not only nutritious but also a splendid blend of taste, texture and flavor. This green leafy vegetable not only packs a nutritional punch but also enhances your taste buds with its unique taste and flavor. The dish looks very appetizing due to the combination of its natural green and white colors of spinach and paneer. 

    Preparation Method for Palak Paneer Recipe

    Step 1:

    Bring sauce, spinach, and 1 cup (2 cups for family) of water to boil.

    Step 2:

    Reduce heat to low. Cook uncovered for 5 or more minutes, to dry off any visible water, stirring intermittently.

    Step 3:

    Add paneer & cook till warm and just soft~ 2 minutes. Enjoy!

    Health Tips

    • Palak (Spinach) is high in iron, vitamins A & C and even calcium.
    • Palak is rich in nutrients like Vitamin C, which improves your metabolism helping you burn calories at a faster rate.
    • According to Ayurveda, bitter leafy greens like palak have a stimulating effect on digestion.
    • Palak leaves are high in protein, calcium, and carotenes–and, hence, a vital component of a healthy vegetarian diet.  
    • Palak is also beneficial for skin and hair, bone health.
    • Palak improves your brain function and is great for your eyes.
    • Paneer is rich in protein, vitamin B12, and calcium–and easier to digest than other cheeses.
    • Vitamins B complex, present in paneer, are essential for the formation and strengthening of cartilage in children, women (pregnant and lactating), and men.
    • Paneer is a great source of calcium, which is helpful in maintaining strong teeth and bones.
    • Palak Paneer is a great combo of taste and health, with an aromatic flavor of spices. It is a traditional curry that goes well with rotis, naan, parathas and even jeera rice or biryani rice.

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    Note & Pro Cooking Tips


    About Palak

    Palak or spinach is one of the healthy greens that you can include in your meals. It is a versatile vegetable.

    About Paneer

    Paneer is a fresh cheese common in South Asian cuisine. It is of Indian origin. In eastern parts of India, it is generally called Chhena.

    Pro Tips

    • For soft paneer that mixes well with gravy of palak - soak them in hot water for 10 minutes after shallow frying.
    • Do not overcook spinach in order to preserve the nutrients in it.
    • Do not over blend spinach.

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