Time to Nutella-fy Your Favorite Food

Are you and your kids Nutella lovers? Then you must have conducted myriad fun experiments with this chocolate-hazelnut spread. Today, we, too, share some of our top favorite quirky/easy recipes with Nutella. They are as follows:

  1. Nutella fudgesickles: Get over traditional store-bought fudgesickles and give them a Nutella twist at home. All you need is almond milk and Nutella. Blend them together and freeze. Pure delight!
  2. Nutella fudge: Make a mélange of butter, Nutella, powdered sugar and vanilla extract in a pan and you get a soft, sweet delicacy. What the “fudge”!
  3. Nutella-oreo cheesecake: This triad is easy to prepare. In a cake mould, make the crust using Oreo crumbs and butter. Allow it to cool and then add the next layer of cheesecake mix. Refrigerate again. Place the top coat of Nutella, and you have a yummy cheesecake. Say cheeeeeeese!
  4. Nutella pizza: If you have a pizza crust ready and you are thinking of which toppings to put on it, here is an excellent solution – Nutella! Just mix it with banana and strawberries and you are good to go! Sweet treat!
  5. Grilled Nutella-marshmallow sandwich: Move over grilled cheese…it’s time to take things up a notch! Spread some Nutella and marshmallows on bread slices and grill them. The melted combo will make your heart melt. Round two, anyone?!
  6. Nutella popcorn: Yes, you heard it right! Dress those popped kernels with Nutella, peanut buttersugar, and honey, and you have the perfect snack for a movie night. Divine!
  7. Nutella-coated bananas: Nutella can even be used for healthy snacks. Make your own popsickle at home. Insert a wooden stick in a banana, dip the banana in Nutella, and freeze. You can also coat it with some nuts to add more nutritional value. Try these popsickles with other fruits, such as strawberry, apple slices, and mango. Let your imagination soar!
  8. Nutella energy bites: Got some crispy cereal (rice cereal or oatmeal) at home? Yes! Just mix it up with peanut butter and Nutella. You can add other healthy options, too, such as nuts and dried fruits. Refrigerate them and you have the perfect energy bites. Mmmm delicious!

Come sunshine or rain, Nutella will always reign! So, what are you waiting for! Order everything you need – including Nutella, of course – to become a kitchen star with these recipes. Order now, only on www.quicklly.com. You shop, we drop!