Namaste Plaza - Delivering Indian Groceries Same Day in Sunnyvale

Getting your groceries every single week can get boring with time. Besides, searching various stores across Sunnyvale looking for your favorite Indian grocery items is something you would never want to go through. So to solve this problem Quicklly is here for you. We bring to you various grocery stores and super markets like Namaste Plaza located across Sunnyvale all available at a single place. Whether you want fresh Indian produce or other Indian staples that are hard to find in a city of the USA, Quicklly’s got your back with a wide collection of Indian groceries available for delivery.

All your requirements for Indian groceries in Sunnyvale come to an end with Namaste Plaza. This Indian grocery store in Sunnyvale offers superior and the finest quality of Indian edibles and other essentials that are hard to find elsewhere in the city. So whenever you’re short of groceries and want to order some desi goodness home, just log on to Quicklly, choose Namaste Plaza, select your favorite items and place your order. Quicklly provides a super-fast same day delivery without charging any delivery fees, now isn’t that a great deal?

Here’s a list of all the items that you can shop from Namaste Plaza via Quicklly:

  • Grocery Essentials

If you want to cook a certain recipe, say Palak Paneer, then you know you’ll need all the necessary ingredients to begin the preps. Well, in that case, Quicklly is where you have to be. There are ample grocery essentials you will need to curate that perfect recipe of yours. You can get your hands-on Paneer, Aashirwad Atta, spices like Bay leaves and other items like Poppy Seeds, Coconut, Peanuts, Poha, Mustard Oil, and Vermicelli from Indian brands at Namaste Plaza.

  • Food and Beverage

When you’re short of time, you need an alternative to cooking those long prep meals, and that’s what Namaste Plaza brings to you. You can grab instant noodles, cup noodles, ready-to-cook breakfast packs by brands like MTR and what not. Furthermore, get best deals on your favorite Indian beverages like Bru Coffee and Society Masala Tea from Quicklly.

  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Want to eat healthy and fresh? Just order away from Namaste Plaza as it offers top quality fresh Indian Fruits in Sunnyvale. Apple Bananas, Anar (Pomegranate) or Green Pears, you name it and get it. Moreover, get Vegetables like Carrots, Lime, Green Onions and Red Onions to add in your meals for that zest.

Providing all of these at a single place, Namaste Plaza is truly an eminent Indian grocery store in Sunnyvale that’s listed on Quicklly. So why miss out on such great deal of Indian groceries? Hurry and place your orders now!