Top Indian Grocery Stores in Palo Alto to Shop From

As Indians, no matter where in the world we go, the longing for traditional home-cooked Indian food will always persist. If you have recently relocated to Palo Alto and are not sure about where to get savory Indian meals from, then fret not, because you’ve got ample options right from amazing Indian grocery stores to Indian restaurants that serve steaming hot delicious Indian food items.

Although you may find ample dining options in the city that offer unlimited cuisines and mouth watery dishes for you to devour, there’s always going to be that yearning to savor some delectable Indian items. Hence, we’re here to help you with the top Indian grocery stores in Palo Alto where you can buy Indian groceries without any hassle. These stores offer a collection of Indian grocery items that you cannot find at regular grocery stores in Palo Alto.

1. Five Spice Inc.

The best store to get your Indian Groceries in Palo Alto is Five Spice. They offer a wide variety of grocery items ranging from fresh fruits and vegetables to daily essential items as well. If you love eating healthy but want to savor desi goodness, then this grocery store has a lot to offer. You can grab some delicious Saffola Masala Oats, Cereal Kitchen Veggies Oats, and 24 Mantra Organic items like Millet Dosa Mix, Ragi Idli Mix and Kanda Poha Mix.

Personal care items from Indian brands like Godrej, Lux and Dabur are also available at Five Spice.

2. India Cash & Carry

There is not a better grocery store than this to serve your Indian snack cravings in Palo Alto. India Cash & Carry brings to you tasty munchies that will remind you of home. Having a bad day? Just order some Frooti and you’re definitely going to forget what you were upset about. Other snacking options you can find here are Parle-G, Happy Happy Biscuits, Parle Krack Jack and Britannia Fifty Fifty Biscuits

3. India Foods

Get your hands on fresh Indian fruits and vegetables from India Foods. This grocery store provides you with the best deals on fresh produce that’s brought to you straight from the Indian farms. Fruits like Oranges, Bananas, Pomegranates and Avocadoes are available here. You can also grab fresh green vegetables like Methi, Drumsticks, Spinach and Curry Leaves here.

So the next time you want to get some Indian groceries in Palo Alto, head over to one of these stores and you will surely find what you need. You can also order your groceries from the comfort of your home via Quicklly since they provide an instant grocery delivery service in Palo Alto.