Types of Indian Rice You Must Know About

Indian cuisine is widely known all across the world for its rice specialties. Appetizing dishes like Biryani, Kadhi Chawal, and Pilaf are all products of rice. The rice grown in India is so diverse that you can prepare a number of dishes right from appetizers to desserts using rice. And so, it is essential to know what type of rice you must use to prepare different food items.  

To begin with, Indian rice is briefly classified into 3 types on the basis of its grain size. These types are Short Grain Rice, Medium Grain Rice, and Long Grain Rice. Each type has its own forte and is best when prepared in a certain way. Among the three categories, there are various varieties of rice in India. Here’s an elaboration of the same mentioned below:

1. Long Grain Rice

Long grain rice, as the name suggests, is a slim and lengthy piece of grain. This kind of rice is dry and fluffy so it stays separated from one another after cooking. One of the most well-known long grain varieties of rice is the Basmati Rice which is used to prepare Biryani. The essence of Indian Biryani is mainly the Basmati Rice used in it. The aroma and non-sticky texture of this rice makes it the star ingredient of this famous Indian delicacy.

Other varieties of long grain rice are Jasmine Rice, Pusa, Sharbati and Suganda that can be used to prepare various Indian foods. You can buy Indian rice online in the US via Quicklly.

·2. Medium Grain Rice

Medium grain rice has grains smaller and wider than long grain rice. When cooked, this rice becomes tender and moist hence can be used to prepare Indian foods like Vegetable Pilaf, Khichdi, Vangi Bhat and Curd Rice. It can also be consumed with curries. The Sona Masoori Rice is a variety of medium grain rice that is natural and great for health-conscious people. Raw Ponni Rice is hybrid medium grain rice and is a great source of protein.

3. Short Grain Rice

The short grain rice is known for its width which is slightly lesser than its length. This, rice upon cooking clumps together and has a sticky texture. Short grain rice, due to its stickiness, is great for Indian desserts like Kheer. There are also varieties like Idli and Dosa Rice, Kolam Rice and Patni Rice used to prepare various Indian staples. Short-grain rice is widely used to prepare South Indian food items.

Another type of rice apart from the ones mentioned is Brown Rice which is known for its nutritional benefits and high content of vitamins and minerals. This Indian rice type takes a little longer to cook, and is available in varieties like Basmati, Sona Masoori, and more. You can easily buy rice online from various Indian grocery stores in the US.