Tips to Make Indian Groceries Last Longer

Getting Indian groceries in the US is a boon. Imagine preparing your favorite desi food items using fresh Indian spices and vegetables. Wouldn’t it be a great feeling having the Indian touch in a country far from home? However, since COVID-19 is still prevailing in the country, a lot of people are stacking up on groceries and essential goods. Although essentials can last for a long time, what about your groceries?

It is advised by health officials that staying at home and maintaining social distancing should be practiced by everyone. So ordering your groceries altogether can be one great thing to do. But if you are facing the problem of grocery items rotting away or perishing, then we’re here to help you solve it.

Here are some simple tips and tricks that will help you make Indian groceries last longer than usual:

1.     Store herbs in water

Herbs like Cilantro, Mint, and other green leafy veggies tend to lose their moisture and dry away quickly. To stop that from happening, you can place your herbs in a small container filled with water soaking the roots properly. Placing it on the window where it can get sunlight is ideal.

2.     Freeze the dairy products

To make your dairy items like Paneer, Milk and Cheese last longer, store them in the freezer. It is a great way to stop these items from going bad. You can simply defrost them before every use and you are good to go.

3.     Don’t cram fruits and vegetables in the fridge

If you ordered Indian produce from your favorite Indian grocery store on Quicklly, then do not make the mistake of stuffing all of it in your refrigerator. Tomatoes are best stored outside in a dry place to keep them juicy. Store oranges, apples, cabbages and limes freely without any packaging outside and they will last for up to a week.

4.     Store spices in dry conditions

Got your hands on your favorite garam masala and red chili powder? Make them last for up to 6 months and longer by keeping them stored in a dry place. You can also refrigerate your spices; just ensure they do not get in contact with water to avoid spoiling.

The tips mentioned above will help you make your Indian groceries last longer than ever. With Quicklly, ordering your Indian groceries online has become even easier. You can simply select a store you want to shop from, choose the items and place your orders right away. So enjoy your favorite desi grocery items from the comfort of your home with us!