Contribute To Quicklly World of Recipes And Earn Royalty Today

Do you have the passion to cook delicious food and share your recipes with people all across the world? Well, if you said yes, then we have good news for you! Quicklly has launched a unique concept, known as ‘Quicklly World of Recipes’. Under this concept, you can now publish your recipes online on the Quicklly website.

If you have an exclusive recipe that you would like to share with others, all you have to do is create an account on Quicklly, fill in the application form and submit your first-ever recipe online! Whether it is a traditional meal that your family has been preparing for ages or your grandmother’s secret recipe, you can submit any recipe that you think can be beneficial for the readers and can be prepared easily at home.

What’s special about Quicklly World of Recipes?

With this new concept, Quicklly has made it possible for people across the USA to access their favorite recipes in one go. What’s more amazing is that all the ingredients are already listed along with the recipe, so readers do not have to surf multiple online stores or visit the grocery to get the right ingredients to prepare the dish they’re craving for. At Quicklly, they can view all the ingredients and shop for them in just one click. Isn’t that amazing?

So what’s for the participants in this?

Well, if you’re thinking that you will be contributing towards Quicklly World of Recipes without any rewards, then you’re wrong because you get rewards on submitting your recipes. Yes, you read that right. Once you add a recipe, you will find an option to tag the ingredients available on Quicklly. So whenever someone views your recipe and shops from your list of ingredients, you get rewarded every time a purchase is made. 

You can submit recipes for multiple cuisines and tag the ingredients. This helps you earn royalty. Additionally, if your recipe garners over 1000 likes or shares, then you stand a chance to win royalty or cash up to $500. To start getting more likes and shares, you can begin by submitting Indian food recipes as they are the most sought after by people in the US. Few recipes that people ask for are shahi paneer recipe, chana masala recipe, butter chicken recipe and more. So if you think you have a better version of the recipe, or something with a little twist, then you can go ahead and contribute towards Quicklly World of Recipes. Don’t forget, there’s reward for every recipe that you submit.