How Quicklly Can be Used as a B2B Commerce Platform and Why it is Important

The revolution in food e-commerce has been a powerful force for distributors and distribution companies. The supply chain in food e-commerce could only be accessed through dedicated distributors but it can be now easily accessed with platforms like Quicklly.

B2B ordering platforms for food distributors and dealers are making their business more profitable and improving their overall sales.

Here are some interesting facts about B2B Food E-Commerce:

1. 74% of the buyers actually use online mediums for their purchases

2. 85% of the buyer-seller relations will be maintained without any human interaction by 2020

3. 92% of the B2B buyers prefer online mediums for their purchases

How Quicklly, being a perfect B2B platform can optimize your wholesale food business?

1. Ordering is easy

With Quicklly, your online grocery ordering process gets easier. It also helps your customers order fast. With Quicklly, we have reduced the number of channels involved and the results are of high accuracy. You can checkout easily and delivery schedules are friendly.

2. Communicate with your customers effectively

We all know, better communications develop better relations. When it comes to B2B sales, your customers would have access to real-time information about the products in stock. They can order easily and with due payments.

3. Offer them a personalized experience

With customized experiences and offers, Quicklly delivers the best possible customer experience to our retail customers. The same goes with the B2B market. You can deliver you’re a customized experience to your customers with Quicklly. Hang on to know more.

4. Reduce the operational cost

With Quicklly, a B2B food ordering platform you will be able to make your business more profitable in operations. First, communication and data management costs can almost be eliminated when using our platform. Also, you can maintain your day to day workflow in a single location, making it easier to complete both current and future wants.


5. Sell Faster

By using our futuristic data analytics and deep learning platform, distributors would be able to get reports showing top selling items, low moving items (would be also able to offer discounts to improve the shelf life), market trends and customer trends which would help them enhance the overall product life cycle from product inception to market launch.

If you own a small or medium food business, choose Quicklly your platform for an easy, smart, fast and cost-effective way for your order management. Our B2B e-commerce will offer you with a beneficiary solution to both you and your customers.