World Milk Day - Top Indian Dairy Dishes You Should Try

World Milk Day is observed on the 1st of June every year internationally. It was established by United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization to regard milk as one important global food that is utilized widely. This World Milk Day, we bring to you a list of scrumptious Indian dairy dishes that use milk or products of milk to create a unique and mouth watery recipe.

Milk is popularly used in many Indian food items. Whether it is to make the main course meal like Palak Paneer or a yummy drink like Lassi, you can find milk in various Indian foods.

Below, we have mentioned a few enticing Indian Dairy Dishes that you should try this World Milk Day if you’re in Chicago.

1. Mutter Paneer from Art of Indian Curry

If you want to discover the magic of yummy Indian Food in Chicago, then Art of Indian Curry is the restaurant you should dine at. To celebrate World Milk Day, you can grab the Mutter Paneer from the restaurant and we’re sure you will love it. Prepared with Paneer (cottage cheese), combined with a blend of spices and green peas, this dish is a savory treat that is so desi it’ll remind you of home. When consumed with tandoori roti or parantha, it’ll create the perfect meal to serve your hunger.

2. Kheer from Hema’s Indian Cuisine

Kheer is an Indian dessert made from rice, milk, sugar and dry fruits. Its texture is thick like a paste. Kheer is quite a common dish for festivals and celebrations in India. It tastes heavenly and anyone who tries it once will surely ask for more! You can grab this delightful dessert at Hema’s Indian Cuisine and enjoy its goodness on the go.

3. Masala Tea from Maharani Indian Restaurant

Tea is the most loved drink of Indians, and Maharani Indian Restaurant offers you the famous Masala Tea. If you’re a chai lover, then this tea should definitely be on your list. It is prepared the Indian style with a lot of milk and masalas that enhance its taste.

4. Rasmalaii from Art of Indian Curry

Rasmalaii is yet another alluring Indian dessert that no Indian can do without. It is prepared with milk, cream, sugar, and cardamom. Art of Indian Curry Restaurant offers the best Rasmalaii in Chicago, so grab your today.

The above-mentioned dairy dishes will surely allure you and leave you enthralled with their taste. Order your favorite dishes from Quicklly today and enjoy Indian meals delivered right to your doorstep.