Grab These Foods and Indulge In Your Love for Cheese

What’s the one word that can make people go crazy and drooling? Yes, you guessed it right, it’s Cheese! This irresistible dairy product is why people break their diets and why they have to sometimes diet in the first place. But, we’re not blaming, because after all, one can do anything for the love of cheese. Whether you want to devour it all by itself or have it with your favorite mac, sandwich or salad, you can do as you please. Well, cheese is so versatile! So why not enjoy some cheesy gooey goodness this National Cheese Day?

But hey, when is National Cheese Day? It is observed every year on the 4th of June to celebrate this amazing and flavorful food. We know you’re thinking about how you should begin gorging cheese this national cheese day, and we’ve got a plan for you. You can either try some new cheese types, as there are countless cheese varieties. But, you can also visit the below-mentioned restaurants and grab their cheesy delicacies to indulge in a truly cheesy experience.

Here’s a list of savory and gooey cheesy treats you should try if you’re in Chicago:

  • Mozzarella Sticks from Mahal Pizza Restaurant

What’s better than celebrating National Cheese Day with the king of cheese – mozzarella cheese sticks that’ll leave you mesmerized with its texture and taste? Enjoy this treat at Mahal Pizza Restaurant in Chicago along with friends and family who are cheese lovers just like you.

  • Cheese Pizza from Mahal Pizza Restaurant

Everyone loves pizzas with a variety of toppings like olives, capsicum, jalapeno, corn, pineapple and what not. But, if you’re truly looking for a cheesy experience, then why not have a whole cheese pizza to yourself? Imagine nibbling on a pizza that’s filled with cheese and more cheese – that’d be a delight in every bite.

  • Grass Fed Double Cheese Burger from Burger Boy Lounge

There’s no such thing as too much cheese, so pamper yourself with this Grass Fed Double Cheese Burger from Burger Boy Lounge. With a yummy patty and 2 layers of cheese, this burger is a must-try this National Cheese Day as it will leave you enticed with its cheesy goodness.

  • Chili Cheese Fries from Burger Boy Lounge

Want to try cheesy fries but with a twist? Try these Chili Cheese Fries that are tangy, yummy and topped with melted cheese to please the cheese lover that you are.

You can also check out these dishes on Quicklly and place your orders directly as we offer Indian Food Delivery in Chicago. Get started and plan your favorite cheesy meals for National Cheese Day!