Scrumptious North Indian Dishes You Must Try in New Jersey

We are always on the hunt to grab delicious meals that tantalize our taste buds. As Indians, no matter where in the world we are, or how many ever cuisines we try, at the end of the day it is the scrumptious Indian food that we long for. Or let's just say North Indian food that is spicy, delish, and aromatic, filled with ample spices and seasonings.

Apart from the many types of meals you find in India, one that is the most popular is North Indian meals. The reason behind it is that these meals include a plethora of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that are seasoned heavily and contain the perfect amount of spices and veggies that make the meal irresistible.

As an Indian in a foreign city like New Jersey, you would want to indulge in the goodness of some desi meals every once in a while. So we bring to you amazing dining options for North Indian meals that you must consider irrespective of whether you are an Indian or not. These meals will surely take you on a divine dining experience:

• Vegetable Pakora

One of the go-to Indian starters, Vegetable Pakora is a North Indian snack that is often had during tea-time or as an appetizer. It is prepared with various vegetables dipped in a mixture of chickpea flour and fried to attain a crunchy crust.

• Goat Rogan Josh

Prepared in the luscious red sauce this unique dish is delicious and tangy, perfect for anyone who wants to entice their taste buds. Tender meat cooked with authentic spices makes this dish succulent and ravishing. You can order the Goat Rogan Josh from Curry On Restaurant which is known to offer the best Indian food in New Jersey.

• Chhole Bhature

Chhole Bhature is one of the most renowned North Indian dishes that you will find at almost every Indian restaurant. It is prepared with chickpeas and a mixture of various Indian spices and served with a special type of Indian bread Bhatura that adds to the delicious taste. Parivar Delights is an Indian restaurant in New Jersey where you can find mouth-watery Chhole Bhature.

These were the top 3 Indian dishes that you should give a shot if you are in New Jersey. You can also try other North Indian items like Samosa Chaat, Goat Korma, Saagwala Paneer, and Chicken Biryani. Parivar Delights and Curry On Restaurant are among the best Indian restaurants in New Jersey where you can gorge on your favorite North Indian meals. You can also place your order via Quicklly to enjoy these dishes at home.