Your Guide to Ordering Indian Sweets and Beverages in Manhattan, NY

We are all huge fans of desserts, aren’t we? Well, did you know that the word ”dessert” is derived from an old French word “desservir” that means, “to clear the table” Fascinating, right? One thing that attracts all of us towards desserts is that they manage to lighten up the mood in no time. Indian sweets are known to be winning hearts since forever now. You will get to see and taste a lot of varieties and you won’t get tired. Eating Indian sweets after lunch or dinner makes you feel complete.

Therefore, here’s a guide that’ll help you order Indian sweets seamlessly from the best Indian restaurants in Manhattan, NY. So let’s explore some irresistible Indian sweets, shall we?

Indian Sweets food in Manhattan NY

1. Baalushai

It is a traditional type of sweet dish that originated from the Indian subcontinent. To put it in simple words, it is similar to glazed doughnuts in terms of the ingredients used. In South India, this dish is also called badusha. This dessert is served hot and it tastes amazing. Find this sweet at Bengali Sweet House.

2. Kaju Katli

The key ingredient in this sweet dish is Kaju, which is Cashew Nut. It is an Indian barfi. It is made by thickening milk and sugar and then adding cashews. It also includes saffron. You can order this dish from Bengali Sweet House which is the best Indian restaurant in Manhattan.

3. Ras Malai

It is a sweet dish that is served cold. Ras Malai originated from the eastern subcontinent. This sweet is also called rossomalai in the Bengali language. Here, the main ingredients are paneer, cream, semolina, and sugar. Ending your meal with such a type of sweet dish is nothing but bliss. Find this scrumptious sweet dish at Bengali Sweet House at a very affordable rate.

4. Mango Lassi

It is a mango-flavored lassi. Basically, lassi is a regional name for thickened buttermilk. The main twist here is that they add mango to get a sweet flavor. We are sure all the food lovers will get a food coma after having this sweet dish. Find this dish at Dosa Hut.

5. Gajar Halwa

Gajar halwa is a weakness of every Indian. It is a sweet dessert pudding from the Indian continent. Grated carrot is used which is then sweetened using milk, sugar, cardamom, and more ingredients. Order it off from Curry On and devour every bite of it.

These were some Indian sweet dishes that you can find in New York. You can also find the best Indian food in Manhattan NY at the mentioned restaurants and feel at home. Order the best Indian food in Manhattan NY along with some sweet dishes and devour your meal!