Popular Indian Street Food You Should Try in Edison NJ

Everyone loves to explore and try new dishes that taste delectable. Indian street food is renowned around the world for its taste, variety, and diversity.

Simple and exotic flavors make them unique and our absolute favorite. The amazing varieties that taste heavenly will give your taste buds a wonderful experience.

You can choose a selected country and check out their street foods, but we bet that the taste will not match what you will get to savor in Indian street food. So here’s a list of some of the most popular Indian street food items you can try from the best Indian restaurants in Edison NJ.

  • Pani Puri

Pani puri is one of the most beloved and famous street foods in India. It is also known as Golgappa or Puchkas in some places. It has a blend of minty and tangy flavors. Pani puri consists of fillings of boiled chickpeas and mashed potatoes that are dipped in coriander water. This brings in the spiciness. Tamarind paste is also added which gives a sweet and sour taste. Bombay Talk is one of the Indian restaurants in Edison NJ that offers this irresistible dish you should try.

  •  Dahi Vada

India's Dahi Vada is a dish that you will find everywhere, whether it is a family gathering, an event, or just right around the street. It feels the best when you have them on a hot sunny day, you will be totally refreshed. Vada is dipped in a heavy blend of dahi (curd) and some other spices. Its sour-sweet combination makes it delightful and can develop your love for them. Dahi vada also has a topping of green chutney - the spicy one, tamarind chutney - the sweet one and also some cashews to give the crunch.

  • Vada Pav

People from different cities and states all around India, be it a student from school or a top businessman, everyone craves vada pav. It is a spicy Indian-style burger that can heat up your belly. It is also served with green coriander chutney to give it a spicy taste. Swagath Gourmet Restaurant is the best on the list of Indian restaurants near Edison NJ from where you can get this delicious item.

  • Kathi Roll

Kathi roll is considered one of the yummiest street foods in India. The outer part of this roll is made up of maida, making it soft to eat and the inside is filled with scrumptious kebabs and some veggies. It is the best street food you can get your hands on to enlighten your taste buds. Haveli Punjab Di Restaurant offers the savory chicken kathi rolls you can have in Edison NJ, so if you're around, you shouldn't miss them.

These were some popular Indian street foods you must try in Edison NJ. You can also order these at your doorstep from Quicklly for free home delivery.