Everything about Organic Box from Quicklly

Meeting your nutritional requirements is just as important as eating delicious food. However, people often tend to compromise on nutrition in search of good taste. But not anymore, because Quicklly is here with a tasty and healthy solution! We now offer organic groceries in our organic grocery box. This means you can create your own box with organic Indian groceries. So now you can prepare your favorite desi meals like rajma chawal, sabji roti, and a lot more with the right items.

Quicklly’s organic box brings to you a vast range of healthy and naturally grown groceries all in one place. Browse from a range of items like fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, organic pulses, cereals and dals, organic flour, spices, and a lot more. Quicklly is the one-stop destination where you can have all your Indian grocery needs sorted.

How to Subscribe to Quicklly’s Organic Box?

To subscribe to our organic grocery box, follow the below-mentioned steps:
1.  Visit the Quicklly website or mobile app and add the zip code of your area
2.  Click on the ‘Organic Grocery Box’ option
3.  Choose the frequency in which you wish to receive your subscribed grocery box
4.  Click on build the box

How to Build an Organic Box?

Once you have chosen the frequency of your order, you will be redirected to the organic products page. It consists of different sections of organic groceries that include flours, millets, rice, pulses, spices, and sweeteners. You can view the information for each product by clicking on the ‘Quick View’ section.
1.  Browse through the products from different sections
2.  Select the organic Indian groceries that you need
3.  Choose the quantity and add the item to your cart
4.  Once you are done customizing your organic box, click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’ and complete your transaction

What are the Shipping Costs of the Organic Box?

We do not charge any delivery fee for orders above $30. However, orders below $30 are charged a delivery fee of $9.99. Therefore, make sure to add all your essential organic grocery items to your box and avail free delivery on your orders.

With Quicklly’s organic box, you can easily shop for desi and organic groceries in one go. Just add your desired grocery items in the quantity you want and build your own box without any hassle. All the grocery items available on our website are sourced locally from the farm fields of India, ensuring the best quality for all our customers. It allows you to consume fresh Indian groceries without needing to spend a huge amount of money as we offer the best deals on all our products.
Make sure to check out our organic Indian groceries and create a box according to your needs.