Top 3 Indian Paneer Dishes You Must Try

Ummm… seems like you have been longing for a smoky and decadent Indian dish for a while and that you have been browsing for the best restaurant to relish your epicurean delight. We have got you here! Quicklly presents you with a list of top restaurants that serve you the most exotic flavourful paneer dish worth salivating for. Indian Paneer dishes are packed with flavor and nutrients. Rich in protein makes this dish desirable and a healthy option for health freaks. We have curated lists of fine eateries in Chicago that serve you one of the best Indian Paneer recipes to take your taste buds for a ride.

1.     Mutter Paneer

Namaste Chicago is one of the fine eateries in Chicago that hosts delectable Indian cuisine. One of their specialties is Mutter Paneer. The tender hot paneer cubes soaked in spicy mutter gravy offer a taste that leaves you craving for more. The gravy is an assortment of colorful veggies ground to a creamy paste and cooked until the flavor spruces up the spongy taste of cottage cheese. Browse through the menu on our website or mobile app, select your favorite Indian food and get your zesty dish at your doorstep.

2. Paneer Kathu Parata

One of the well-known Indian Street food, i.e. Paneer Kathu Parata is a special delight of Siri Indian Restaurant. Crumbles of crispy paratha tossed with spongy paneer cubes and dressed with peppery condiments is a must-have at this diner. This dish is a must-try if you are an Indian longing for the desi goodness in a land away from home. You can also find delicacies from across regions of India at Siri Indian Restaurant.

3. Paneer Bhurji

A special paneer recipe that Indian Garden Restaurant has unarguably mastered is Paneer Bhurji. Minced cottage cheese mixed with veggies and mesmerizing spices is very appetizing. A perfectly savory and tangy flavor sprinkled with herbs to enhance the taste is your favorite pick to calm your hungry belly. This dish is perfect for anyone craving an Indian breakfast, you can also devour it as a side dish with your favorite Indian meals. Don't forget to browse through the versatile menu of Indian Garden Restaurant and try your favorite Indian dishes.

Apart from these succulents that we have briefed you about, we have a wide range of restaurants that serve you with best Indian delicacies for you to pick your favorite taste from. Reach us on our website or download our mobile app to make your everyday eating binge-eating!