Kickstart the Weekends with Alcohol from These Brands

Any plans for Friday night? Well, to have an unforgettable bash all you need is good liquor. A good liquor sets your mood and a good mood perfects the night! Right? Bring in your party spirit as these spirits have sorted your weekend chill and fun!
You deserve a drink after a stressful and sleep-deprived week. Your regular job keeps you occupied and loaded with tons of projects, presentations, client meetings and more. A short weekend escape is what you need to calm your nerves and restart for the next week. A party with friends and family does not need any reason. Just a weekend with fine booze is the end of your need to have a sparkling and smashing weekend. Clubs and bars mostly charge you for their services that are added to the cost of your drink. Also, crowded places don’t let you free yourself especially when you belong to the introverts. So why not have a cosy and light party with your beloved in your nest filled with conversations of cherished and embarrassing memories!
Quicklly: Your Liquor Buddy!
To enlighten your little home party, Quicklly lists a number of liquor store online to serve you the best drinks in town. With a variety of drinks ranging from beer, whiskey to gin, wine and more, Quicklly houses all your best-loved booze in one place. Simply order alcohol online and our valet will deliver your party life in no time!

Here are some popular brands to get you started!
Black Dog Gold Reserve Blended Scotch
This blend is well known for its distinctive flavour and taste. The vanilla sweetness and aroma will unarguably catch your attention and leave you craving for more.

Barefoot Rich Blend
Loaded with black fruits, this rich sweet vanilla tasting smooth wine complements your light and airy space with close friends and acquaintances.
Absolut Vodka
With a distinctive character of grain, absolut vodka is a fine vodka that will make you dance as you slurp it mixed with tonic water or other drinks! Rich and embodied yet smooth and mellow drink, will make you ask for more as you sip.
Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin
A touch of juniper berries, a hint of spice and ripe citrus make this a perfect blend to light your evening. An exceptionally smooth taste that will light up your mind as you mix it in the most loved way.
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