Easy Ways to Cut the Calories in Your Homemade Biryani

Every person with a bit more weight desires to break down but don’t want to leave their favourite dishes like Biryani, Shawarma etc. An equivalent thing happens with Pakistani people who are famous around the globe as Biryani lovers due to their tasty recipes but additionally weight conscious. When it involves weight loss with healthy Indian recipe, there's the simplest formula, “Eat fewer calories and burn more calories by physical activities”, but sadly we tend to only keep having more calories and not doing a bit for burning those extra calories. No doubt, weight loss is possible when you eat your favourite food along with some effort for burning calories. Otherwise, there's a second easy method of doing it.

Losing weight while sacrificing your favourite foods

The first technique is all about “working smarter than harder”, however, it’s only possible if you're able to leave your favourite foods full with calories and also curious about eating some natural food recipes.

Here is a short version of Indian healthy recipe for Chicken Biryani

Biryani is principally composed of ingredients infused with delicious spices not to mention some type of fat, usually oil, along with chicken and rice. To decrease the number of calories in this dish and to make it a healthy Indian recipe for Biryani, we might suggest decreasing the quantity of rice per portion since every 1/2 cup of rice consumed is close to 90–100 kcal. You can also take away the skin on the chicken since this is where much fat is found. Finally, you can decrease the quantity of oil you use in the recipe. The spices and yoghurt contain only little amounts of calories. You will also use non-fat Greek yoghurt for the recipe.

Start eating natural food recipes

Here, we are talking about cooking healthy Indian recipe without adding chicken and meat in it, using tea without adding much sugar in it and eating fresh fruits whenever feeling hungry in between the meals rather than ordering a Pizza… Let’s say you are using only natural foods for fulfilling your hunger then it suggests that you are currently gaining fewer calories and your digestion system is smart enough to digest that natural food without any more physical activities.

A little exercise session

As we already mentioned that eating low calories natural diet already giving you fewer calories and after you start doing any aerobic exercise (walking, running, swimming, jogging, rope jumping) of your interest only for 15-20 minutes daily now it suggests that you are burning your extra calories gained before. It'll be double beneficial if you try some weight loss drinks once completing your exercise session like green tea.