What Are Some Evening Snacks Which Are Healthy

Indians can’t hold themselves from having quick bites and snacks at any times of the day. It's actually good according to some nutritionists and it is beneficial as well.

For most of us, tea has the least priority in the evening. Tea time is more a tradition which helps us to relax in the middle of the hectic day. It is time to unwind ourselves by spending time with our dear ones. They might be our family, friends or even colleagues. Of course, tea and delicious quick bites & snacks make a perfect duo just like us.

But the conversations get more exciting when the tea, a hot cup of coffee or cocoa is served with a scrumptious sandwich or biscuits. And when it's raining outside, nobody says NO to pakoras and puris. The list of evening time quick bites and snacks goes on and on. The snack could be baked or deep fried, light or heavy, quick, readymade or homemade, fresh or canned. But, how about some healthy evening time snacks which won’t harm your health in any way? Like, Pakoras are very tasty but they are much oily as well.

We all love Indian snacks at the tea-time at evening.

Here are 5 Indian quick bites and snacks you can go mad for in the evening

1. Channa

Every Indian family love to prepare fried channa for snack times. Especially in the North Indian families, it’s a ritual to make channa on a weekly basis or twice a week just to have it with lunch. Channa is a snack that you can have at any time. Packed with proteins and barely any fats, you can channa or channa chor at any time of the day.

2. Kurmura

Kurmura or puffed rice using water and lots of bubbles is a light snack you can have any time of the day. And if you are following a specific weight loss diet, you can even follow this snack in it. Mixed with a little bit of salt and turmeric, and tossed in a little oil, it gives a great flavour.

3. Nuts

Loaded with proteins, nuts are rich with healthy fats and many vitamins & minerals which prove them a super healthy snack during any time of the day. If you find normal nuts too boring, you can have masala nuts to add more fun.

4. Khakras

Roasted flour made Khakras are the best way to reduce your hunger pangs during the Chai time. People also enjoy them by having during the lunch or dinner time snacks as siders.

Have you got any tasty recipe of Indian tea time quick bites & snacks? Send us your recipes and we might feature it in our next post.