Hungry? Check Out These 4 Quick & Healthy Indian Food Choices Before Grabbing that 'Snack Bar'

Snack bar, chips, juices, sodas, noodles, pasta are the most favourite foods when you are craving for food after some tiresome task. But are you really going to put your health at stake to satisfy your hunger pangs?

Indian food?

Is Indian food really that tasty?

Yes, indeed.

Indian food is more than just curry.

Some of the Indian food online recipes are made within 15 minutes and give you more calories than packs of those potato chips and other nutrients.

Here are some of the tastiest, healthiest and quickest Indian food choices you can prepare at home just by ordering Indian grocery online. You can adopt these foods in your daily routine before those snack bars dominate your hunger.

Khaman Dhokla

A popular Gujrati breakfast dish you can prepare hardly in less than 30 minutes. You’ll need an instant Dhokla mix or batter to prepare this dish. Very light to digest, healthy and filling Dhokla provides you the energy you need for the daily work.

You can add more flavours to it by stirring jeera and sarso (mustard seeds) with seasoning of coriander leaves or curry leaves. .

You can find the quality dhokla mix, mustard seeds and other seasoning items in your local grocery store.


A typical south Indian Upma is made with sooji or rava (semolina), urad dal(split black gram), onion, chillies and curry leaves. With roasted rava mixed well with these ingredients and cooked for about 15 minutes will give you a tasty, healthy yet filling dish. You can easily season this dish with Sev, Fresh coconut crush to make it even more yummy.

Basic Chicken Curry

Prepare normal chicken curry with a variety of Indian spices, add boiled chicken to it and cook it for 15 minutes. Your cravings for Indian curry can be satisfied with this chicken curry recipe.

You can enjoy this Chicken Curry with Chapaties, Rotis, Naans or even rice.

We recommend you use Garam Masala rather than Indian Chicken Curry Masala to bring it a special blend of Indian flavour.


If you are suffering from stomach ulcers or burns, you can enjoy Indian raitas which are basically chopped veggies and fruits in curd.

Indians prefer pineapples and cucumber the most in raitas. You need to add sugar and salts according to your taste buds to this dish.

Add mint leaves as a seasoning.

If you want to know more Indian healthy dishes and want to buy Indian groceries for the same, explore the website and surprise yourself with the range of information we have.