Prepare Oreo Shake At Home With This Simple Recipe

Indian food is considered a full meal and it is full in terms of mindful as well as full of nutrition. But often, it is considered that Indian food is hard to prepare as compared to other meals. Are Indian food recipes being so hard to prepare? No, we don’t think son! Although modern Indian food and recipes are easy and enjoyable.

The trickiest question that all of us have is while dealing with kids, how to make them have a healthy and nutritious meal and also make them eat. So, here is one of that secret recipe of the healthy yet wholesome way for your kids to enjoy the nutrition.

Now, everyone knows how kids, in general loves chocolate, right? Give them anything in chocolate flavour and they will eat it without any further efforts. So, this is one of those rare combinations of chocolate and the milk, the favourite and nutritious combination that is easy to make, without any chaos in your kitchen.

So, let's start with the easy-peasy recipe of the Oreo Milk Shake right away.

This is a simple recipe of Oreo Milk Shake that will take hardly 5 minutes of yours and you will be back for your job when the clock will tick the 6th minute.

Let me share you the ingredients in short, that we will be needing to make the delicious Oreo Milk Shake. You will be getting these ingredients in the local grocery store near you. Or you will be getting this on the online grocery store.

Don't wait up, list down the ingredients right away. 

1.  4 large scoops of Ice-cream of any flavour. (Choose your favourite flavour or any ice-cream flavour which will complement the chocolate Oreo in your shake. Say, for example, to go simple, choose vanilla. Or you might go with chocolate, Choco-chips for more chocolaty flavour or else you can try the Oreo shake with different ice-creams of fruit flavours, like mango, keshar-badam, kiwi, litchi, or whatever you like. )

2. 3/4 cups heavy whipping cream.

3. 12 Oreo cookies crushed.

And that's it!

If you get this, we are set to go. Let's go and start preparing our Oreo Shake. 

So, let's go stepwise, first of all, take a large blender and pop up all the ingredients that you have into it, all at a time.

Blend it well, until you see every ingredient is blended well and mixed together good enough.

And can you believe, you are almost done, here itself?

You can serve this as a large shake all in one or you can make it in two halves. 

also to add some extra flavour and nutritious effects, you can add the slice of fruits of your like or whichever is available and handy to you right now, in the blender itself or else you can add the cubes of the fruits after the blend which will give you good texture and the pieces of fruit in it will give you good change of taste.  

If you don't want to change the taste, then you can serve it with original taste with the addition of only cubes of dark chocolate instead of the fruits and add the chocolate syrup to make more yummy.

There you go! you are ready with your delicious and yummy Oreo Shake, in no time.!


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