Traditional Mexican Dishes to Try This Christmas

Just like the food safari goes so varied, Mexican culture and traditions also have a variety which changes from one part of the country to another.

One major change in the Christmas tradition in Mexico is that Mexicans have their dinner on the Christmas Eve instead of the Christmas day.

On the Christmas Day, they enjoy the leftovers from the Christmas Eve which is popular as ‘Recalentado’.

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Mexicans love Pork and Chicken as the main ingredients for their Christmas Food and if you want to have a quirky taste this Christmas, here are some of the traditional Mexican Christmas Food listed below…

Pork & Chorizo Pozole

A slow-simmered and a spiced Mexican stew prepared with hominy and pork cut in small cubes. Pork & Chorizo Pozole is a popular Mexican Christmas food and can be enjoyed any time of the year.

Especially loved at potlucks and celebrations Pozole or Posole can be your dinner tonight & you can avail it where Mexican food online is available.

Sweet Potato Tamales

A perfect Mexican Christmas food for vegetarian lovers. Sweet potato tamales are made with a mixture of American & Mexican ingredients. You can order cranberries, sweet potatoes, oils, and spices required to prepare this dish from our portal and make your Christmas eve with a Mexican twist.

Chipotle-Butter Turkey

It's also known as the Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe of Mexico. Mildly roasted juicy and tender Turkey is the best Mexican holiday feast, especially during the Christmas eve.

If you are totally new at roasting the whole of Turkey in one go, you can order Mexican food online where they serve this dish. Well, there are only a few places where they have this as a delivery option. Still, you can check in your areas or prepare it at home with the help of your Mexican friends.

Cheese Enchiladas with Red Chile Sauce

Many call it an addictive holiday dish as its full of sauce & saturated fats and tastes yummy. One of our members at Quicklly is so expert in making this at home and we can say, she has spoiled us with this dish.

Enchiladas is a traditional Mexican food but can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Well, these are not the only Mexican Christmas recipes we have, there is a lot to come because we are bringing you recipes you can make with authentic Mexican groceries along with tasty Mexican food online available at Quicklly. So, stay tuned for more.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.