Indian Fast Food : Pav Bhaji

A fast food favorite, Pav Bhaji has satiated the hearts of millions of food lovers worldwide. These days it forms a part of buffet at the most extravagant weddings in India. But its origins are humble. In 1850s, Pav Bhaji served as a quick-fix meal for mill workers in Mumbai.

In fact, Pav Bhaji was invented as a midnight snack by fast food vendors in Mumbai, for it was a mashed-up version of leftover vegetables of the day, cooked with the tasty spices of the region and loaded with butter.

The vegetables used in the bhaji are usually an assortment of seasonal vegetables available, but a standard bhaji is made with cauliflowerpeaspotatoes, and carrots, all of which are parboiled before being cooked with the spices and pav bhaji masala.


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