How Online Grocery Shopping is Different in 2020 - Insights from Quicklly

Wish you all a Happy New Year!     Since you have been shopping grocery online you must be aware of the fact that the trends in the New Year are changing. We as an online grocery shopping website are seeing this New Year as an opportunity for us to provide our valued customers with a different kind of experience while shopping for groceries.

So, here are some of our prediction in online grocery shopping in 2020…

A lot about experience…

E-commerce used to be the biggest threat to the grocery business. But with grocery sellers adopting E-commerce techniques in their delivery experience, the trend changed. This year, the main focus of the online grocery store would be to provide an experience that is different from the last decade.

People are looking for fun food experience at homes and grocery stores are expected to provide the same experience they can make with their ready-to-eat yet fresh food choices.

With authentic healthy recipes people miss at their homes, grocery stores or supermarkets can create an online experience that they crave for.

Also, people need a seamless experience while shopping online and hence, more and more grocery stores are coming with an easy experience for buyers with options like same-day delivery.

Local Love

People love local foods from their hometowns and home countries. If grocery stores around the corners are made to deliver groceries from the regions where people have moved here from, there’s nothing like it. Many grocery stores are now adopting this culture i.e. providing authentic groceries from regions like Asia, Europe, Britain and India etc.

Most people love to cook at homes and they need authentic grocery items from their own motherlands. Here’s a chance for those people to buy local groceries from the local grocery stores.

Private Label

A few grocery stores are providing a unique experience of through their private labels as they are producing these items in their own habitats. Groceries made for organic, gluten-free and natural food lovers are going to be a trending topic for people in 2020 and its already showing up.


The trend in food, groceries is never-ending. People love to explore the foodporn and hence, they expect the same thing from their origins. Grocery shops around the town are now stocking up the things people love. It could be a type of coffee that has been launched on Instagram too.

At Quicklly, we are following the tastes and needs of our customers. We are continuously taking feedback from our beloved clients on what they are looking for a change and stocking up our shelves for them. Visit to know more about our latest grocery stocks.