India's Top 10 Most Famous Dishes You Should Try!

Travelling way back to India is not a doable thing for you if you are living like 8000 miles away just to taste the best Indian food. You can just make it at home by using the best online Indian recipe, isn't it?

If you are shifted to say, Chicago in the USA, India must be still amazing you in every aspect including traditions, culture, history and food. India has a variety of food that changes its culture just 100 miles away. Yes, India is that vibrant. Right from spicy Samosa to sweetest lassi, right from the whole thaali to orgasmic Biryani, India has everything that pleases your taste buds.

But how is possible to taste the delicious Indian food when you are far away? The answer is finding the best possible Indian grocery store in Chicago.

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Do you know why people in Chicago love us? Apart from our authentic ingredients, we share Indian food information to you because we know how you feel when you miss that favourite daal made by your mom or aunt.

Today, we bring you Top 10 Most Famous Indian Dishes You Should Try making at home…

1. Paav Bhaaji

Vegetarians’ friend. Paav Bhaaji is a mixture of best veggies cooked in steam and smashed with your favourite Indian spices with a lot of butter over it. Bhaaji in Paav-Bhaaji is basically veggie-curry and its healthy too.

2. Idly Sambar

A favourite south Indian breakfast is made with fermented rice with a light vegetable stew. Idly is enjoyed with this vegetable stew i.e. Sambar and coconut chutney which a real inexpensive deal for your perfect meal.

3. Chhole Bhature

A typical Punjabi foodie never misses on Chole Bhature even if they are away from home. Bhatura is fried Indian bread and a thick curry of Chole i.e. Chickpeas is popular amongst almost every part of India. If you are in Chicago, you can find the authentic Indian Chickpeas at Quicklly, you favourite Indian grocery store in India.

4. Samosa

Its basically an appetizer, triangular shape filled with spicy fried potatoes. The covering of the Samosa is made with Maida which gives it a little tangy flavour, enjoyed with tomato sauce or special pudina chutney, Samosa is going to be there on your list forever.

5. Panipuri / Golgappe

Small crisp round-shaped bread filled with potatoes, onion, peas, spicy and sweet chutney, that's how we can Indian golgappas, loved by every Indian out there. Traditional Indian Pani Puri is said to have been useful in mood swings. Have you got any? Gather all the ingredients today!

6. Vadapav

Famous dish said have born in Mumbai, the financial capital of India. Vadapav is basically mashed potatoes fried in spices and fried with a pea floor. Vada is enjoyed with Paav, a small-sized bread.

7. Kachori

Popular Indian morning breakfast dish typically enjoyed in North Indian homes. Kachori is better enjoyed with potato vegetable curry.

8. Pickles

Who hates pickles here? We don’t. Indians can prepare pickles of any fruits, vegetables and even meat and fishes of all types. Indians love preparing it with veggies, meat and fish acidified with lime or lemon juice and store it for longer like a year or so. Some of the Indians also bring their own pickles right from India which makes a perfect dip with almost every Indian food.

9. Thaali

A perfect Indian meal comprises of every tasty and healthy item. Indian thaali is known to have every taste you need right from spicy, tangy, bitter and sweet. Vegetable Indian thaali has veggies and non-vegetarian thalis have chicken, lamb or fish.

10. Papad

We cannot complete our list without this item. A crisp-disc-shaped item is made with gram flour, pepper and choices of Indian ingredients like potato, raagi and even onions. They are shallow fried until they swell and become crispier.

Want to add more to this list? We know you got! Leave your suggestions in the comments section below and we might feature it in our future blog post. Till then visit your favourite Indian grocery store in Chicago at Quicklly and explore our groceries & online Indian recipes.