2020 Online Grocery Shopping Trends Determined by Different Age Group

In modern history, online grocery shopping in the USA as well as anywhere around the world is going through a significant transformation. We have gathered some of the best and interesting quirks of the 2020 online grocery shopping trends, which we think will help you in a few ways…



Going Online

Today, many of the brick and mortar grocery stores are now getting online. So, people from different age groups are preferring to get their groceries due to the comfort it has to offer.

Millennials Choose Online

More than 42% of Gen Z between the ages of 18 to 21 prefer online grocery shopping the most according to research conducted by Google. They spend an average of $298 on their monthly groceries.

Not Just the Age Factor

Age is not the only factor when it comes to the observation of trends in online grocery shopping trends but the gender too. In the USA alone, male members of the family choose to shop online groceries than female members.

Elderly Are Choosing Online Grocery Shopping

People aged more than 72 are also spending an average of $287 for their monthly groceries which is significant.

Are you still visiting the grocery shops, waiting in the queues, loading them in your boot all by yourself? Well, its 2020 and its time to have your own time at home and get the groceries delivered right at the homes. Visit your favorite grocery store Quicklly and start shopping groceries online!