Best Foods to Stockpile for Quarantine

While everyone is self-isolating in the coronavirus quarantine, food becomes the number one priority for everyone and amongst the situations, finding and stocking quarantine foods can confuse you while shopping.

Along with taking precautions and following the social distancing measures, we request you not to hoard for groceries and essentials as government authorities are ensuring the smooth flow of essentials even in the pandemic.

But, for the safety of your family and yourself, you must stock some essential quarantine foods in the emergencies.

Here is a quick quarantine food list to help you with shopping for food during the pandemic.

Fresh food: Do check on the stocks of your meat, butter, bread, yoghurt and milk which are easy to freeze. If possible and available, get the hard cheese instead of soft one as it can survive up to months in the fridge.

Milk should be on top of your quarantine food list as its necessary and may help you survive easily for days.

Frozen fruits and berries: Stocking up on frozen fruits and berries will help you in making your breakfast along with cereals and smoothies.

Veggies: Get a few bags of frozen and pre-packed greens to prepare salads or pasta or even pizzas at home. Garlic and ginger can also be frozen for weeks which are essentials for your lunch and dinner sessions. Potatoes and onions can last long but do use leafy vegetables and soft fruits first.

Dry Staples: Must have in your kitchen, dry staples complete your quarantine food list as they can be cooked at any time with the help of sauces and pastes available in your fridge.

Along with the above mentioned items, you have to look after your stocks on lentils, pulses, beans too as they complete your heavy lunches.

For the lazy days, do stock on canned fruits, chips, crackers, and dried fruits as well.

As the daily necessities, fill up your pantry with tea, sugar and coffee as you cannot leave them behind.

Try to sum up the first few days after you stock up with fresh fruits, bread and vegetables after which you can survive on the remaining stock for days.

While buying your groceries and pantry items, choose online platforms with home delivery options as possible.

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Note:- For information and daily updates on coronavirus and COVID-19, visit the official websites of WHO and CDC.