Fresh Farm Eggs - Know How To Store & Keep Them Fresh Longer

Eggs are our integral part of the entire food journey. Right from breakfast, lunch, dinner to birthday cakes, we need eggs everywhere. During the times of pandemic, one might feel like storing some extras for longer use and having Fresh Farm eggs can be a good choice for ones living in and nearby Chicago.

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Here are some of the tips which can be handy to store Fresh Farm eggs during the stay-at-home period. For our inventory from Fresh Farm, log on to Quicklly your versatile online grocery store.

Storing fresh eggs for longer could be challenging and one might leave them spoiled if proper steps are not followed…

How to store eggs and keep them fresh?

Always store them in cartons

We know many of us are used to store these eggs in little egg caddy attached to our fridge or in a bowl. But throwing away egg cartons is not a good idea. Why? Egg cartons may look ugly but they are very much helpful while storing eggs. They protect the eggs for longer and prevent catching strong odours from other foods in the fridge. Also, you can easily refer the best-before dates on these cartons without forgetting them. So, even if you buy Fresh Farm online, you should not leave the cartons in the bins while storing. The cartons will also let egg yolk remain centred when you put them in the original position - large end up!

Storing raw and cooked eggs:

  • Always put eggs in the main body of the fridge and not on the door. This will help them retain a consistently cool temperature necessary to keep them fresh.
  • Leftover uncooked egg whites and the yellow parts should be stored in airtight containers and kept in the fridge immediately. This will prevent yolks from drying out. Additionally, you can put a little cold water and drain the water for the next usage.

Buying eggs from Fresh Farm online at Quicklly?

  • Wash your brought eggs in clean and cool water to meet the egg-water temperature. After washing eggs, dry them immediately with a clean cloth or towel. Do not store wet eggs as bacteria may enter through small pores on eggs.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water before and after you clean the eggs.
  • Do not user sanitizer or hand rub to sanitize the eggs.
  • Do not wash the egg carton while storing it in the fridge.

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Stay home, stay safe and keep shopping Fresh Farm online at Quicklly.