Most Popular Vegan Indian Dishes

Most of us who have either traveled to Indian or explored it in the videos may have experienced that India is a great Lacto-vegetarian loving country. But did you know, there are plenty of vegan options in Indian cuisine?

India is an amalgamation of both vegetarians and nonvegetarians. The various sort of food items in India helps to satisfy the requirements of both. Especially, the rich vegetable curries and naan or Tawa roti remain oh so popular in India. While Indian vegetarians do have an affinity towards lactose-rich products like paneer, curd, or ghee, there are many dishes that classify as vegan Indian food.

While you are planning to buy Indian vegetables online with us, we bring you the most popular Indian vegan dishes for you.

So let’s start…

1. Chana Masala

Chana masala is one of the most favorite vegan Indian dishes preferred almost everywhere in India.

Well, it’s a northern Indian dish with popularity in southern regions too.

Chana is Chickpea and Masala is Spice. So Chana Masala is Chickpea curry made with garlic, tomatoes, onions, ginger, and many other spices and of course, chickpeas.

Chana Masala is indeed vegan by default. The only non-vegan item you will find in the chana masala is ghee but that’s actually optional for you.

If you don’t want ghee, you can use plant-based oil for seasoning. Chana Masala is often eaten with Roti, naan, or Chapati or Rice which are even vegan items.

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2. Dal Chawal

This is a wholesome Indian dish with various nutritional benefits. Depending on the location, some families even prepare dal chawal every 3 to 4 days a week.

Dal means “lentils” and chawal means “rice”, so this is often a dish of lentils and rice. Indians use different sorts of lentils for creating different lentil soups.

You will find around 10 different types of lentils in a typical Indian mom’s kitchen and every lentil makes a separate healthy dish with the use of varied Indian spices.

Often, Indians love a bit of ghee or butter in the service bowl of dal-chawal but you can skip it when you are willing to have Indian vegan dishes.

3. Kofta

Kofta literally is the vegetarian meatball, oops, vegball. In India, it's common for vegetarians to die for Kofta and its unique curry.

Vegan versions of Kofta are made with potatoes or lentils with mixed vegetables. Kofta is typically served with spicy curry. If you are well-versed with Indian curries, you might know there are different types of gravies made in India.

Some gravies are prepared with butter, ghee, or cream as a base so make sure you prepare curry for Koftas with none of these ingredients.

4. Vegetable Biryani

This one for the rice lovers. No matter where you travel throughout India, vegetable biryani is found almost everywhere with minor differences in the ingredients and basic elements. You can call this dish as the Indian version of Chinese vegetable fried rice.

The rice with fragrant rice mixed with vegetable and aromatic spices like pepper mace, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, bay leaves, and mint will make you go crazy.

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