5 Best Indian Restaurants in Chicago

Everyone realizes that Indian food has extraordinary seasoning, generally due to the famous, age-old spice, curry. Yet, there is quite a lot more to Indian food than samosas and tikka masala or butter chicken, and if you like exploring new foods, this is a magnificent road to take.

Indian food is vibrant, healthy, and sometimes full of surprises if you aren’t used to it. Indian cuisine is, in general, spicy and hot – this is a myth. There are so many Indian dishes to try out which are yummy and normal spicy which a typical American can have.

Indian food in Chicago may not be as famous as pizzas here, yet heavenly Indian restaurants can be discovered everywhere over the city. Some of them are in what is known as Little India, a stretch along Devon Avenue. Past this area, however, there are numerous other extraordinary spots to look over.

Here are the best 5 Indian restaurants in Chicago which we think you’ll love them for delicious food.

Tikka N curry

Known for their custom bowls, Tikka N Curry is also known for its fresh ingredients and Tava on fire. If you are looking for a different experiment while enjoying Indian cuisine in Chicago, do visit their restaurant but due to pandemic nowadays, you can only enjoy their delicious Indian meals at home. Tikka N Curry will give you local farm-fresh ingredients rightly cooked in appropriate ways with homemade freshness.

Naan On Devon

Again another authentic Hyderabadi food place for you in Chicago. Have you heard about Haleem, Chicken 65, and Dum Ka Murgh? Well, these are authentic Hyderabadi delicacies you can enjoy at Naan On Devon. Their Biryanis are the secret of their success. We can say, Naan On Devon is one of the best places in Chicago with authentic Indian food in Chicago.

Hyderabad House

Want to add some Indan food made with delicious local meat? Hyderabad House is where you should be seen. Probably. Hyderabad House is serving vegetarian food and meat dishes where you will find the exact same menu you might have seen in authentic Indian dhabas. So, want to try the Indian Dhaba style in Chicago? Order your food from Hyderabad House and enjoy beautiful chill nights at your home.

Kamdar Plaza

Get authentic Indian snacks and food in Chicago from Kamdar Plaza, over a decade old Indian restaurant. Relish their mouthwatering food right from snack options like Samosas, Bhel puri to meal options like Channa puri, Palak paneer and the list goes on.

Their Indian sweets (Mithai) shall remind of my sweets back home. Order your favorite Indian street food and sweets from Kamdar Plaza available on Quicklly.

Udupi Palace

South India. Most of the beautiful Indian places and most of the healthy foods are also found here in South India. South Indian food is wholesome, healthy and tasty too. Want to try Idlis, Dosa and Medu Vada? Get your order placed at Udupi Palace with Quicklly.

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