Most ordered Indian dishes online in Chicago

It is said that ‘The way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach’

Therefore, we used to invite everyone in our circle for dinner or say brunch. Most of our meetings end up with delicious food prepared at home. Food is an important element of everyone’s life. We love not only our cuisine but love to try different types of cuisines like Indian, Chinese, Italian & Thai, etc.  We have developed a taste for different types of cuisine over a period of time.

Indian food has been there for a while in Chicago and many times, Chicagoans do prefer medium-spicy Indian curries and especially chicken dishes when their Asian or Indian friends come over.


Here are some of the most ordered online Indian food dishes in Chicago and around.

1. Chhola Bhatura: Chhole Bhature or just Chhola Bhatura is not a dish only limited to Punjab, not only for India but also one of the popular dishes ordered by many native Americans in Chicago. This food will never keep you hungry. This is the wholesome meal that provides you protein & carbohydrates as well. And so, it tops on our list of most ordered Indian food in Chicago.


2. Butter Chicken: Butter Chicken is one of the most ordered food in the USA. Even western people love to have Butter Chicken. Butter Chicken has its own special identity. Orange & creamy gravy with butter, Indian spices and chicken gives this dish a unique flavor.


3. Samosa: Samosa is another famous Indian snack. And with home delivery available for Indian snacks in Chicago, people here love to have a quick bite anywhere and anytime even at their workplaces. Most people prefer to have it with tea. A traditional recipe in India, Samosa includes potatoes, peas, and authentic Indian spices. But today, we can find so many types of samosas with meat and chicken etc. Samosa not only tastes good but keeps you energetic as well.


4. Biryani: Biryani is one of the most ordered Indian dishes in Chicago. Biryani has its own identity. With so many varieties of Biryanis like veg biryanis with some vegetables and spices and nonveg biryanis with egg, meat, chicken, etc. Biryani is the best option for rice lovers.


5. Burfi: Burfi is the best dessert for a sweet tooth. After a wholesome dinner, you should not hesitate to bite on this awesome dessert and this item is one of the most ordered online Indian food.


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