Interesting Online Food Delivery trends in USA, 2020

Many Food Retailers Have Experienced Amazing Agility Since the Health Crisis Started. The Trends we assumed at the End of 2019 or at the Start of 2020 have now changed; and here are some of the Online Food Delivery Trends in the USA in the New Normal

Infographic - Online Food Delivery Trends in USAVirtual Kitchens

Virtual Kitchen is also known as cloud kitchens. It has only kitchen with food delivery and no dining area. Cloud Kitchen Market is estimated to Reach Up to $2.63 Billion by 2026

Contactless Delivery

Want to respect social distancing? Then contactless delivery is made for you. It is the safest food delivery trend in 2020. Since the pandemic – every food delivery business model is using contactless delivery including Quicklly.

Delivery by Drones

After regular e-commerce giants started delivery by drones, food delivery experts are following the trend too. Drone Delivery takes 5 to 10 Minutes – Food Delivery via vehicle takes 15 to 25 minutes.

Delivery by Robots

Not just the drones, food delivery experts are also making use of robots in delivery. It is a safe and quick way of delivering food in 2020. American consumers will spend upwards of $100 billion on food-at-home items by 2025.


Relying on in-house drivers is time-consuming and costly. Making use of local drivers to deliver food saves time and makes customers happy. 56% millennial expected fasted food delivery in 2020 and it’s possible with crowdsourcing.

Self-driving Cars for Delivery

General Motors is already performing tests to use self-driving cars for food delivery. Saves time and workforce.


Not so popular yet in-demand trend in food delivery, the industry will use parachutes to deliver your food in a safe package soon.

Other than these physical methods, the food industry is currently using some of the interesting methods you might have already come across; such as:

1. Virtual Assistants

2. Order updates and feedback on a smart watch

3. Order and confirm from Car

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