Yummy South Indian Dishes available online in Schaumburg

India is a country with a vibrant culture. Because of cultural differences, you can experience different types of traditions, costumes & cuisines, etc. Indians just love to explore new things. Real Foodie won’t stop trying different cuisines.

With so many different types of Indian food like Maharashtrian, North Indian, South Indian and many more. Indian Food is famous for different types of Cuisine.

A typical south Indian’s day starts with special south Indian food made with healthy ingredients and if you want to explore the cuisine culture in South India, you must try Indian food online at Quicklly.

If you want to know more about famous south Indian food online in Schaumburg, then please read to the full to know more about yummy south Indian dishes.

  1. Idli - Sambhar: Idli is one of the famous south Indian foods. Idli is generally a breakfast dish and is made with black lentils, rice and Sambhar includes a variety of vegetables & traditional south Indian spices etc. You will definitely love this combination of steamed, soft & fluffy idlis and just a little spicy sambhar. Idli is also served with a chutney which made it from green chilies & coconut.


  1. Dosa: Masala Dosa is also one of the most ordered south Indian food online. Dosa has the same ingredients as Idli but the form it is served in is a lot different. Dosa is a very thin & crispy roti made with Idli batter. Traditionally Dosa is served with sambhar & chutney. There are so many variations of dosa, like masala dosa, Rava dosa & many more.


  1. Payasam: If you are looking for yummy south Indian desert, then Payasam is the best option for you. Payasam is a traditional south Indian dish. It is made with rice, milk, raisins & cashews. It looks like Pudding. If you are a sweet tooth then Payasam is the best sweet south Indian food online available for you.


  1. Bisi Bele Rice: Traditionally it is also called ‘Bisi Bele Bhat’. This is also one of the famous south Indian dishes. It includes rice, lentils & vegetables. You can order it for lunch or dinner.

Usually, south Indian food is less oily, steamed, or cooked with so many vegetables so it's healthy and tasty too.

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