Easy Indian Dinner Ideas for This Holiday Season

The holiday season is all upon us. We are waiting for those bells to jingle, our neighbors are gearing up for the vacations and instead of being bored at home (due to pandemic), why should not all of us celebrate this holiday season with a little care and a lot of joy?

If you are an Indian, far away from home want to celebrate this season with your native recipes, we’ve got some exciting holiday dinner ideas for you.

Yes! At Quicklly we care for your cravings and with more than just allowing you to order Indian groceries online, we always keep on posting some interesting ideas for you.

This list includes Indian recipes with a western touch.

So, hop on, and read on the list…

1. Indian-Spiced Veggie Burgers

A normal burger with ‘Tikki’ as Indians call it. Prepare a normal Tikki with your favorite vegetables and Indian spices. The burger bun can be easily made available to you at a local grocery store or you can order Indian groceries online at Quicklly. We stock authentic Indian spices, fresh vegetables and bakery.

2. “Cheesy” Bread with Chickpea Curry Dip

These soothing, “cheesy” bread pockets will comfort you right up, along with the spiced curry dip made with Indian chickpeas. You can use coconut milk to prepare your curry and give it a tangy flavor.

3. Veggie-Loaded Butter Chicken Curry

This enlightening butter chicken recipe will be tastier if you are using yogurt instead of coconut milk. The curry will be luscious if you do so. Prepare a normal butter chicken and add a load of veggies to make it even tastier.

4. Carrot Chickpea Curry

Carrots have their unique earthy pleasantness and this recipe will highlight that sweetness made with chickpeas curry. You can prepare a normal chickpeas curry along with a load of carrots in it. Serve with Indian basmati rice and enjoy while it's warm. Carrot chickpea curry is one of the popular easy Indian dinner ideas you could have this Christmas.

5. Slow-Cooked Chicken Tikka Masala

Do you know, cooking your dishes with Indian spices slow and slowly makes them tastier? Especially when you are using garam masala, turmeric, cumin, and chili powder, chicken tikka even tastes heavenly. Just make sure you keep your eye on the pan or your cooking utensil and you don't end up burning it.

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