Best Indian Beverages To Warm Up Winters

The winters ah! As much as this season gives us chills, literally. It’s the perfect season to snuggle up in your bed with a good book (Our recommendation? The Harry Potter series!) and a cup of your favorite warm drink. Wait, warm drink? Do we mean something like chai? Absolutely. We’re here you remind you of the amazing warmth of your favorite Indian Beverage so that you go and make a cup for yourself right now.



Winters are nothing without that cup of chai. So if you’re missing the awesome taste of one we get you. Here’s how you can make that in minutes.

Step 1 - Boil water and add Brook Bond Red Label’s Black tea to it. Allow it to boil for five minutes.

Step 2- Add some lemongrass and chopped ginger to your tea.

Step 3- Add some milk.

Step 4 - Add sugar or jaggery powder (whichever you prefer) and give it a good stir.

Step 5- Pour it in a cup and enjoy!


Hot coffee

This recipe of hot coffee will get you all nostalgic as it’s so simple yet so tasty! And we’re sure you must have tried this one at some point.

Step 1: Boil some water, take out two spoons of it and add Nescafe’s Classico coffee powder.

Step 2: Then add sugar to it and keep stirring.

Step 3: Boil some milk.

Step 4: Pour the warm milk into your coffee mug and give it a good stir.

Step 5: Enjoy!


Turmeric Milk

This one had to make it to the list as it is so delicious and good for health. You can count on this recipe every time you feel a little under the weather as this will get you on your toes instantly.

Step 1: Boil some milk.

Step 2: Add some Asli Haldi Powder to the milk, then add some sugar and give it a good stir.

Step 3: Take out a cup and enjoy!


Though all these recipes are easy and you can make this at home anytime. We all have our days where we don’t feel like entering the kitchen. And it’s completely alright as we have got you covered for those times. You can look for Indian Beverages Online on Quicklly as we’ve got a bunch of these drinks which will be perfect for you. Order Indian Beverages or grocery on Quicklly now!