How You Can Order Indian Food like A Pro

When you talk about Indian food, know that you are in for a treat. Indian food is since long praised by people from all over the world for its rich taste and delectable flavors. The blend of spices in Indian food is like no other, and the aroma is definitely one that can make your mouth water, well that’s the best thing about Indian cuisine.

However, it is important to not go frenzy while ordering Indian food, because one, you will not be able to finish it alone, and two, you might not know what a certain dish is until it arrives. That’s because Indian food is definitely served in good quantity and the names of various dishes can often confuse you.

Simple Tips to Order Indian Food

The Indian cuisine begins with a savory appetizer and then moves on to the side dish and main course followed by dessert. And, although you may think that you know everything by now, it is always advised to look at the menu for a while and then order your food. Here are some simple tips that will help you order Indian food without any hassle.

1.           Go Easy On The Appetizers

Since you know appetizers can be heavy for the stomach, it is advised to order only what you can eat rather than wasting it later on. You can always order for half a plate which can be easy to finish and you will have enough room for the main course.

2.           Always Ask For The Waiters Opinion

When ordering your main course, you can always ask the waiter for their advice on each dish. They will be able to help you with choices like sweet and spicy. Moreover, your waiter may suggest to you what can be paired better with your food. For instance, the waiter might suggest that butter chicken tastes better with naan rather than rice.

3.           Try Different Dishes

The Indian cuisine is diverse just like its culture. From North to South everything in India varies a lot and so do the dishes. Hence, whenever you order Indian food in Fremont, you should keep trying new dishes because you may never know which dish can turn out to be your favorite later on.

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