Best Indian Grocery Stores in Mountain View, CA

Best Indian Grocery Stores in Mountain View, CA        Every Indian has at least once in their lifetime wished to live abroad all by themselves. That feeling of living alone and being independent can be amazing. But if you’ve lived alone in a foreign country, then you know one thing that you miss the most is your mom’s home cooked meals, basically, Indian Meals for that matter! No matter how many different types of cuisines you try from across the globe, nothing beats the appetizing Butter Chicken or the lip smacking Biryani that your mother prepares. Indian cuisine is versatile and the methods of preparing the food are authentic in their own way.

So what if you want to eat a luscious home cooked meal in Mountain View, California? There are various grocery stores in Mountain View where you can shop for Indian groceries at great prices. The reason for visiting an Indian grocery store is that they offer a variety of spices that you cannot find at regular grocery stores in California. Spices like Cumin Seeds, Cayenne Pepper, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Clove and Mustard Seeds can only be found at grocery stores that offer Indian items. However, lurking around the city looking for the grocery store where you can find the right ingredients for your recipe can be quite time-consuming and chaotic. So in that case, Quicklly has got you covered!

You can simply log on to Quicklly, enter your pin code and get access to a great deal of Indian groceries in Mountain View. Right from spices to items like Dal, Atta, Food Masala, and other Indian Pulses, there is an assortment of products available on Quicklly.

Some of the Indian grocery stores in Mountain View are listed below:

India Foods: Just like its name suggests, India Foods offers an array of Indian food and grocery items in Mountain View. Vegetables like Lime, Yellow Onion, Green Onion, Pickle Cucumber And Karela can be found at the store. Other Indian grocery items include Britannia Marie Gold, MTR Vermicelli, Parle G, Top Ramen, Incense sticks, Vim Bar and Margo Neem Soap.

Five Spice: It is yet another grocery store offering everything desi. You can grab healthy groceries like Saffola Kitchen Oats, and Green Vegetables. Other items include Lux Soap, Diyas, Organic Masalas and Fresh Halal Chicken.

Khorasan Market: This is the store for all your Meat and Poultry groceries. They offer fresh produce and are the best option for meat in Mountain View.

So with such a wide variety of Indian groceries available a few clicks away, you can prepare fresh Indian food at home anytime.