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14 Liberty Avenue, Jersey City, 07306, NJ

Bhurji Rice

Scrambled eggs with veggies and rice

$28.09 ADD

Cold Coco

Thick chocolate drink with chocolate chips

$18.69 ADD

Crispy Chicken

2 layered grilled cheese sandwich with tabasco flavored tossed chicken, crushed red pepper and oreganos with green pepper, onion and tomato

$28.09 ADD

Egg Chatpata

2 layered grilled cheese sandwich with sriracha flavored boiled egg, onion, tomato and green pepper

$24.99 ADD

Egg Masala Papad

Roasted papad with shredded white boiled egg, Tomato, onion, coriander with masala on the top with a hint of spiciness. Extras

$15.59 ADD

Egg Pulav

Rice cooked with diced boiled eggs and veggies

$28.09 ADD

French Toast

Pan fried bread dipped in an omelet batter

$15.59 ADD

Jeera Rice

Plain yellow rice tossed with jeera

$12.49 ADD

Jetty Rolls

Roll of egg coated tortilla filled with Masala boiled eggs and cheese

$24.99 ADD

Kids Meal

2 eggs scrambled and grilled cheese with side of toast and side of orange juice. Extras

$28.09 ADD

Mango Lassi

Thick mango flavored lassi

$15.59 ADD

Masala Half Fry

Indian style sunny side up with Onion, Tomato, Chili and Indian Masala on the top

$21.89 ADD

Masala Omelet

Indian style Masala omelet

$17.19 ADD

Paneer Bhurji

Shredded panner cooked veggies and Indian masala

$135.09 ADD

Paneer Hariyali

Shredded panner cooked with a mint based gravy

$124.79 ADD

Paneer Lahori

Fried paneer fingers topped with chef secret gravy

$166.39 ADD

Paneer Masala

2 layered grilled cheese sandwich with marinated tandoori masala paneer, onions, tomato and cucumber

$24.99 ADD

Paneer Toofani

2 layered grilled cheese sandwich with tabasco flavored tossed panner, crushed red pepper and oreganos with cucumber, onion and tomato

$28.09 ADD

Roasted Papad


$13.49 ADD

Roti (Chapati)

Home-made chapati. Extras

$15.5 ADD

Samosa Grill

2 layered grilled cheese chutney sandwich with mashed samosa, onion and tomato

$24.99 ADD

Veg Cheese

2 layered grilled cheese chutney sandwich with onions, tomato, potato, cucumber and green pepper

$24.99 ADD

Veg Pulav

Rice cooked with ginger-garlic, chili, tomato, onions and Indian spices

$28.09 ADD

Volcano Biryani

Boiled egg rice with an omelet base, centered with spicy gravy and topped with shredded cheese

$135.09 ADD

Paneer Katti Roll

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