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Chicago Hot Breads

Chicago Hot Breads

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Paradise Biryani Pointe

Paradise Biryani Pointe

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Paradise Biryani Pointe

927 W Golf Rd, Schaumburg, IL, 60194

Butter Chicken

With layers of Indian spices and ingredients like ginger, tomato and butter creme sauce.

$113.29 ADD

Chicken Curry South

Cooked with coconut Indian spices, onion, ginger, garlic, tomatoes, coriander leaves etc.

$30.89 ADD

Chicken Sheek Kabaab

Juicy and delicious chicken minces smoked and grilled to perfection.

$30.89 ADD

Garlic Naan

Freshly made from wheat flour and cooked in tandoor oven and sprinkled with garlic.

$12.89 ADD

Goat Masala

Goat cooked in a spiced masala.

$113.29 ADD

Goat Rogan Josh

Gravy flavored with garlic, ginger and aromatic spices (cloves, bay leaves and cardamom).

$123.5 ADD

Gulab Jamun

Deep fried dumplings in sugar syrup.

$15.49 ADD

Malabar Fish Curry

It consists of sardines semi-stewed in a Kerala-style curry with red chili and curry leaves.

$123.5 ADD

Malai Chicken

Marinated with yogurt, cream, ginger, seeds and kaju nuts and blend into a smooth paste.

$30.89 ADD

Malai Kofta

Cottage cheese balls in a delicious creamy sauce.

$24.69 ADD

Mango Lassi

$15.49 ADD

Mirchi Ka Salan

Contains hot peppers, peanuts, dry coconut, ginger and garlic paste and thick tamarind juice.

$30.89 ADD

Mixed Pakora

Mixed vegetable fritters buttered in chick peas flour and deep fried.

$18.59 ADD

Mutter Paneer

Cottage cheese cooked in butter and cashew nut based gravy.

$113.29 ADD

Salt Lassi

Flavored drink made from yogurt.

$15.49 ADD


2 mixed potato & peas wrapped in dough & fried.

$15.49 ADD

Spicy Apollo Fish

Coated with spiced batter, deep fried and tossed in an delicious spicy masala mix.

$133.89 ADD

Spicy Chicken 65

Is a spicy, red, deep fried chicken chunks usually served as snack accompanied by onion slices.

$113.29 ADD

Spicy Chili Chicken

Chili chicken is a south Asian twist batter fried chicken in garlic and chili gravy.

$30.89 ADD

Spicy Pepper Chicken Gravy

Gravy made with ginger, garlic, pepper cor, curry leaves and seasoning cubes.

$30.89 ADD

Spicy Shrimp Pepper Fry

Jumbo prawns sauteed in fresh pepper corn and curry leaves.

$133.89 ADD

Tandoor Roti

$15.49 ADD

Tandoori Chicken

Chunks of chicken bone marinated in yogurt and Indian spices and grilled to perfection.

$113.29 ADD

Tandoori Prawns

Prawns marinated in yogurt and Indian spices and grilled to perfection.z

$133.89 ADD

Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biryani

Layers of rice and spicy meat sealed with a dough and cooked with the heady notes of saffron, a meal fit for the kings.

$113.29 ADD

Veg Biryani

$123.09 ADD

Paneer Katti Roll

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