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Kamdar Plaza
Kamdar Plaza

Kamdar Plaza

2646 W Devon Ave, Chicago, IL 60659

Looking for authentic and locally crafted Indian street food in Chicago? Welcome to our dedicated Kamdar Plaza store at Quicklly! Kamdar Plaza is a proud partner of Quicklly, your favorite online Indian grocery store Chicago. Kamdar Plaza which is a family-owned authentic Indian food store has been serving Chicago for over 3 decades.

Ready To Eat & Cook

Gits Jilebi Gits Jilebi 100Gm
$2.69 - $2.49 Add
Gits Rabdi Gits Rabdi 100Gm
$2.69 - $2.49 Add
MTR DAL FRY Mtr Dal Fry 300Gm
$2.99 - $2.79 Add
MTR SAMBAR Mtr Sambar 300Gm
$2.99 - $2.79 Add
DEEP UNDHIU Deep Undhiu 10Oz
Out of stock