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Baklava Box Baklava Box Order Now

The Baklava Premium Sweets

Choose your baklava sweets subscription plan for a hassle-free doorstep delivery

The Baklava Premium Sweets

The Baklava Premium Sweets

Choose your baklava sweets subscription plan for a hassle-free doorstep delivery

About Baklava Box

Premium Indian
Sweet Delights

Think of those sweet, homemade laddoos you grew up eating. Our range of premium Indian sweets is a taste of love, the comfort of home, and a connection to your roots. As you indulge in our premium Indian sweets, all you’re left with is sweet memories and sticky fingers! Now that you’re here, have a bite of everything sweet and celebrate your fond memories.

About Baklava Box

Our Collection

  • Sweets
    Premium Baklava
  • Khara
    Indian Sweets
  • Premium Dry Fruits
    Premium Dates
  • Bisticks
    Luxury Gifting

How It Works

Shop our range of Indian sweets right from your home in a click!

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    Shop premium Indian sweets, Baklava, dates, or all.
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    Savor the hearty taste of indulgent sweets.

Sweeten Your Moment

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    Premium Products

    Made using hand-selected premium ingredients.
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    Made by Indian confectioners for authentic taste
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    Finest quality authentic Indian sweets.
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    Quality Ingredients

    Pure, premium, flavor-enriching ingredients are used.

Crafted With Love

The Sweet Secret of Baklava

Sweeten life, one Baklava box at a time! Baklava is a delicious sweet pastry that originates from the Middle East but is enjoyed in various forms in many countries around the world. The Baklava pastry is baked until golden and crisp, and then it’s soaked in a sweet syrup so the layers can absorb the flavors, resulting in a rich, sweet, and nutty dessert. Ever tried Baklavas? Mind you, here your calories are sure to skyrocket!

Luxury Gift Boxes

Experience pure luxury with our premium Indian sweet boxes. These handcrafted delicacies are perfect for your gift-giving success. Whether it’s a special gift or a personal treat, our sweets are a symbol of quality and homestyle taste. Explore our range and savor the finest Indian sweets.

Gift your loved ones a sweet symphony of memories and affection packed in every bite. Our luxury Indian sweet boxes are a way to the familiar taste, a thoughtful way to share the warmth and love that only authentic Indian sweets can bring.

Crafted With Love

Our Story

Vatsal Agarwal


Started with one retail outlet in Kolkata, The Baklava Box now caters to a customer base of 2 lakh plus globally.

The Baklava Box was started to cater to the unmet demand for Mediterranean sweets, premium packaging and an exclusive range of sweets and gift boxes. Our passion towards the Arabian Culture has driven us to manufacture this luscious dessert which is made up of filo, dry fruits and honey. We focus on providing our customers with highest quality sweets, namkeens, dry fruits, gifting trays and boxes. Each product of ours is beautifully handcrafted by our professional chefs with state of the art equipment using the freshest ingredients.

With a factory spanning 20000 sq feet, The Baklava Box manufactures over 200 varieties of different Medittarranean and Indian sweets. All sweets are made fresh every morning in the factory and shipped the same day to the customers.

Vatsal Agarwal

Crafted With Love

About The Baklava Box

Originating from a single retail outlet in Kolkata, The Baklava Box has rapidly expanded its reach, now serving a global customer base of over 2 lakh. This journey began with a mission to meet the unmet demand for Mediterranean sweets, premium packaging, and a distinct range of confections.

Fueled by a passion for Arabian culture, The Baklava Box crafts delectable desserts comprising filo, dry fruits, and honey. Each product is lovingly handcrafted by skilled chefs with state-of-the-art equipment, using only the freshest ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Baklava Box?

The Baklava Box serves as your all-in-one solution for sweet gifting needs and offers the finest Indian Baklavas across the US.

Can I send The Baklava Box as a gift?

Absolutely! Each Baklava Gift Box is thoughtfully designed and packed to make it a perfect gift for your loved ones. You can choose any of our assorted baklava boxes to gift to someone special.

What is Baklava?

Baklava, often associated with Greek and Turkish cuisine, consists of multiple layers of filo dough. Chopped nuts and various delightful ingredients are spread between these layers. The stack is then baked and bathed in a sweet, syrupy mixture of sugar, honey, cinnamon, lemon, saffron, and water, ensuring it remains moist.

Is Baklava eggless?

Yes! Our Baklavas are 100% eggless and are free from chemicals and preservatives.

What is the shelf life?

Our Baklavas are freshly prepared every day. If the box remains unopened, it can be stored for approximately 30 days. Once opened, it is best consumed within 7 days.

How to store?

It is recommended to store the Baklavas at room temperature.

When will I get my package?

Your delightful box will be delivered within 5-7 working days. If you choose to expedite your delivery, it will take 3-5 working days.

How can I sign up for a subscription?

If you're looking for baklava near me, you've got the finest Indian Baklavas here! You can subscribe for weekly, biweekly, or monthly delivery of your order

1.Choose your delivery plan
2.Select your products from The Baklava Box
3.Make payment, and you're done!

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