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Our Digital Services

Online Puja

Online Puja

Personalized online puja by esteemed Pandits for abundance and positivity.

Book Online Pooja


World-class astrology services that ignite your potential, unlock success.

Astrology Consultation
Online Puja

What is Online Puja?

Online Puja is a modern way of preserving ancient Indian Vedic rituals long held to invite abundance and positivity. Skilled and knowledgeable Shastris and Indian Pandits perform online puja to help you tackle problems and receive blessings from the divine.

With just a click, you can easily book a puja at home and perform revered Indian Vedic rituals, even if you’re far from India. Online Puja lets you stay connected to your roots and use ancient rituals to find comfort and seek guidance, no matter where you are.

How It Works

Perform online puja led by our esteemed Pandits from anywhere across the world

How It Works
  • 1

    Choose Your Puja

    Explore our selection of Indian Online Pujas. Select the one that resonates with you and book it online.

  • 2

    Confirmation and Details

    We will send you an email confirming your Puja date and timings.

  • 3

    Access Your Dashboard

    Receive a link to your dashboard featuring order information, a chat option, and a link to join the Puja online.

  • 4

    Join and Perform

    On the selected date and time, click the provided link to join the Puja online.

  • Harsh Vardhan

Meet The Astrologer

Harsh Vardhan

From Aviation Vizard to Master Fortune Teller:

Mr Harsh Vardhan was a poster boy of Indian Aviation during the Prime Ministership of Mrs Indira Gandhi and Mr Rajiv Gandhi, an MBA Gold Medalist known as Aviation Whizkid for his role in turnaround of Air India in early eighties. He holds distinction of being youngest Chief Executive of any Government Enterprise in India. He is a regular commentator on Aviation in global media including New York Times, Washington Post, CNBC.

In 2013, Vardhan co-founded first ever online Vedic puja and Astrology services digital platform; Shubhpuja - and made a seamless transition from the aviation industry— where everything revolves around science and technology—to astrology, which is rooted in science. With his visionary approach to offer ancient Vedic services digitally worldwide and large celebrity clientele spanning over 70 countries including Superstar Priyanka Chopra, he is now amongst most famous astrologers in the world

Ancient Traditions Performed The Modern Way

Indian Puja is a heartwarming journey, where, with hands folded and hearts open, we offer gratitude, seek guidance, and find peace in the gentle glow of diyas. Our Online Puja and Astrology services online help you perform ancient Vedic rituals and seek advice from top Indian astrologers even while you’re far from India.

Our online Puja services from esteemed Pandits connect you to your culture no matter where you’re. From making the right career choices to embracing lord’s blessings, we offer Indian Vedic services in a virtual space that is authentic and divine.

Ancient Traditions Performed The Modern Way

Dynamic Team Of Astrologers

Ignite your brilliance with our revered astrologers, just a click away!

Dynamic team of Astrologers

Our team has esteemed Pandits, Brahmins, Shastris, and professionals who offer scientifically backed Vedic services worldwide. With profound knowledge of stars, planets, and their impact on our lives, they offer authentic Indian Vedic Services. Unlock your path to prosperity and peace – Contact our astrologers NOW!

  • Video Call

    Video Call



Instant chat support for all your order-related queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Online Puja?

Online puja is a virtual ritual that allows you to perform prayers and Vedic rituals remotely, assisted by esteemed Pandits. You can perform auspicious Pujas and embrace divine blessings online from the comfort of your location, bridging the gap between tradition and technology.

How would I perform a puja if I were living abroad?

Simply schedule a puja, and we'll provide you instructions for the virtual webcast of the puja we'll perform in India. You will be assisted by our esteemed Pandit to guide you to perform rituals and seek divine blessings.

How do you choose a puja time and date?

You can request a specific puja date, but the auspicious date and time will be recommended by our Pandits, which could depend on the best time of the day, your unique birth chart, and astrological alignments. We will get back to you within 24 hours with the recommended date and time for the puja.
However, you can choose the date and time at your convenience and perform the online Puja (subject to availability of our Pandits).

My family members shouldn't be aware that I am receiving any astrological consultation. Can I trust you to cooperate with me?

Absolutely. We work one-on-one with you, depending on your needs, throughout each appointment, and everything we say is completely confidential. Everyone else is free to be involved with your specific problem or solution unless you want to keep them updated.

I have issues in multiple areas of life. How can Quicklly help me?

Contact us to arrange a private consultation. Usually, there is one fundamental problem or misalignment that, when fixed, brings all the other problems in your life into harmony. In our 1:1 consultation with top astrologers, we pinpoint the real problem and suggest a particular puja to fix it.

What forms of payment do you accept?

All credit and debit cards are accepted.

What is the Refund Policy?
Indian Alphonso is back!