Simple Tomato Rasam Recipe to Prepare on the Go

We are sure everyone must have tasted tomato rasam once in their lifetime. It is a variant for rasam which is eaten with steamed rice for lunch or dinner. It is a dish that is hot and spicy but also has a tangy flavor because of the tomatoes. This dish has various names in different languages like tomato charu in Tamil, thakkali rasam in Malayalam.

If you are looking for the perfect, detailed recipe for this dish, we have got it for you. Make this dish at home and enjoy South Indian cuisine.Simple Tomato Rasam Recipe

Main ingredients:


  1. Add oil in pot with green chili and tomato
  2. Add tamarind water with salt, turmeric and Brahmin rasam powder.
  3. Boil until the tamarind smell goes away.
  4. Cook toor dal in another pot.
  5. Add cooked toor dal to the mixture then simmer on low.
  6. Add coriander leaves, mustard seed, curry leaves and dried red chili.
  7. Serve hot for best taste

This was a recipe for the classic Tomato rasam. You can also serve this dish with some yogurt on the side, and some fried papads, and it will taste awesome. Try this recipe today and lick your fingers clean because we are sure you will love it!