Top 3 Traditional Diwali Sweets for Every Indian

Diwali, the festival of lights, food and happiness. There's hardly any festival in India that completes without sweets.

Away from home, you must be preparing your own Diwali celebration with your family, friends and loved ones? Are you missing the fun, sweets and the vibes?

We are presenting you with the top 3 Diwali sweets for you. Don’t worry, we are not teasing you, we are also giving you a location where you can get these sweets before Diwali and make the festivities complete.

So, what are those top 3 traditional sweets every Indian love in Diwali? Can you prepare them at home?

Let’s find out…

Besan Laddoo

This is obvious. Diwali celebration is nothing without a variety of Laddoos in any Indian home. Made with gram flour, powdered sugar, ghee, these are the healthy and tasty Indian sweets no one can miss in Diwali. You can get the ingredients in any shop selling Indian grocery online. To get the pure and fresh gram flour, ghee and other stuff, you can visit where you will get a variety of Indian grocery online. You can also get the ready-to-eat laddoos, find us on Google, Indian sweets online.


Indians have a special craving for Barfis. Available in different sizes, shapes and sweetness, Indian barfis are really adorable sweets to fall for. With coconut barfi, 7 cup barfi, mawa barfi, anjeer barfi and many more, you can find barfis in Indian sweets online shop.


If you want to please your guests with freshly prepared Diwali sweets, you can try various types of Halwas at home. Indeed, Halwas are enjoyed fresh and thus, you need to collect the necessary ingredients fresh and find recipes for the halwas like Gajar ka Halwa, pumpkin halwa, papaya halwa and many more.

If you like the list and want to add more to it, just comment down below your favourite Indian Diwali sweets and we might feature your recipe in the next article. Stay tuned for more such articles and try for your Indian grocery online.