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Mithaas Premium Sweets Mithaas Premium Sweets
Mithaas Premium Sweets

Mithaas Premium Sweets

Our decadent indulgences come with a subscription plan to help you save dollars on your sweet purchases.

Mithaas Premium Sweets

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A Rich Indulgence

A Rich Indulgence

A product of love made with a little bit of known, unknown, and a whole lot of magic! Spreading sweetness across New York, Mithaas endeavors to bring that eye-widening joy with every bite of delicious motichoor laddoos!

Mithaas Laddoo
A Testament of Authentic Mithaas

A Testament of Authentic 'Mithaas'

Looking at the Indian sweets and the affairs of sweet exchanges from the lens of love, Mithaas brings you a sense-delighting taste of Indian sweets, long-held as a symbol of good omen & prosperity.

A Testament of Authentic Mithaas
Mithaas Burfi
Authentic Indian Taste

All our sweet delights are made using the finest ingredients, for the most authentic indulgence.

Premium Quality

Everything that goes into the making of our sweets is natural and chosen for a rich taste.

Nationwide Delivery

We deliver ‘Mithaas’ across the U.S. conveniently to your doorstep.

About mithaas

Celebrating the Diversity of Indian Sweets Across the US!

Turning pages of our cherished childhood memories, we don't want to miss that 'halwa' or syrupy rasgulla we squished and relished to brim. As we followed the trail of sugar like bees to honey, somewhere in the middle, we found our moment of sweet fixation.

Celebrating the diversity of Indian sweets in New York, Mithaas envelops the fascinating aroma and authentic Indian palate to bring your taste buds a sweet symphony you'd love to binge upon!

Imbibing traditions, and mastering skills we deliver the authentic taste of Indian sweets to every New Yorker, giving them a timeless taste of our sweet shebang.

About Mithas