Top 3 Indian Dishes For Vegans

Going vegan was your best step. It was a huge decision you made considering your food choices and taste buds.

By going vegan, most of the people stay at that point where they start feeling fresh physically and mentally.

Its myth that going vegan shrinks your choices for tasty food. It isn’t really true and we at Quicklly, an Indian grocery store did some digging for you.

Here are 3 Indian dishes you would love to prepare at home if you are vegan…

Chana Masala

With no animal extracts or produce used in this recipe, Punjabi Chana Masala is an ancient Indian food recipe suitable for your Vegan diet.

For this, you would need some common Indian spices which you can easily obtain in your local grocery store like Garam Masala or Curry Masala.

You would need Chana or Chickpea which also you would find in any Indian local grocery store near you.

Chana masala is a perfect Vegan recipe for you, enjoy it with Roti or Rice whatever you prefer.

Palak Paneer

What? Paneer? Are you kidding me? I’m vegan, how could I eat Paneer?

Hold on.

Simply replace normal ‘Milk made’ paneer with Tofu, the Soya Paneer.

The taste changes a bit, but you will get the traditional flavour if you used the right Indian spices and fresh Tofu from your favourite Indian grocery store.

Palak paneer is a thing for Indians and if you are not an Indian and still want to enjoy this dish, we suggest you use Tofu instead of real paneer we Indians have in the diet.

Vegetable Biryani

Indians just love Rice and we make it flavoured whenever we want and crave for. Biryani has a special place in every Indian’s heart and if you are vegan, Vegetable Biryani becomes a taste saviour for you.

Fresh Basmati rice mixed with vegetables and raw Indian spices sums up to be the most favoured Veg Biryani Indians have when they don’t eat meat or poultry.

Vegan recipes are not hard to find and most of the Indians are vegetarians, hence, it becomes easy to adopt Indian diet as an ideal diet for the vegans.

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