5 Easy to make Indian dishes that are loved across the globe

No doubt Indian food has crossed the border before our birth, we mean it happened way before 18th century, so it's still popular in almost every nation worldwide. Indian cuisine is not just about the Spices, it's more about royalty as well as simplicity it possesses. This is why, most of the authentic Indian restaurants around the world have a special Indian menu, mostly prepared by Indian chefs and loved by all.

You’ll find many Indian recipes online that cover the best of Indian food and most of the ingredients could be obtained with popular Indian grocery stores and today, we are bringing you a list of top 5 easy to make Indian dishes that are loved across the globe.

When we are talking about Indian dishes, they are full of flavours and tastes and they vary with the regions. Every cuisine has some of the other backgrounds and many recipes belong to particular regions only.

Here’re those 5 easy to make Indian dishes…

1. Tandoori Chicken

Chicken marinated in the curd, spices and lemon juice is roasted until it becomes golden, that's how Indians love their Barbeque Chicken. You can't just stop drooling over it. The chicken tandoori dish is certainly available in the regions like Canada, USA, UK and the Middle East where Indians have developed many of their other recipes around it.

2. Biryani

Who doesn’t know Biryani? Many of your Indian friends keep telling you the stories about how their grandpa used to prepare Biryani which he learnt from his Hyderabadi friend. Biryani is available for both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food lovers. Prepared with marinated Chicken, Lamb, Paneer, Veggies and Raw Spices, Biryani is among the most popular Indian recipes online. Here are tips to cut calories on your homemade biryani. Can’t wait to taste? Skip cooking and order Chicken Biryani online here.

3. Daal Makhani

Daal makhani is yet again one of the very well-known recipes of North India which is famous all around the world. It is easy to make and a lip-smacking Indian meal made with lentils stewed in butter and flavourings. It is usually followed with roti or naan.

4. Samosa

Quite a popular dish among snacks lovers, Samosa is India’s comprehensive street food. You will usually discover Samosas on the streets of India. It is one of the most desired snacks across India. Indians love to gorge on it, literally. However, it has managed its footprints across the borders too. Enjoy the essence of India at your doorstep.

5. Malai Kofta

A popular vegetarian version of Meatballs. The Koftas or Balls are made with gourd, or unripe bananas, the preferences change according to people's choices. The balls are then cooked in a tomato-based gravy which is then cooked with spices and cream. Almost everyone loves them with Roti or Rice.

Well, this list doesn’t give honour to every Indian dish loved by all, but we tried to crop it down to 5. If you are looking for more such recipes, visit our Blog section and keep buying your Indian groceries from MyValue365, your one-stop online Indian grocery store. We serve across Chicago.