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Explore Variety Of Mangoes

Alphonso Mangoes

Alphonso Mangoes

Relish the juicy taste of Alphonso Mangoes rich in sweetness and antioxidants

Banganpalli Mangoes

Banganpalli Mangoes

Banganpalli Mangoes are known for their unique and rich taste. Discover the magic of their sweet aroma and mouth-amusing taste

Indian Kesar Mangoes

Indian Kesar Mangoes

Loaded with sweetness, Indian Kesar Mangoes are a good source of vitamins and fiber. Experience the rich taste of Indian mangoes

Rasalu Mangoes

Rasalu Mangoes

Savor the juicy flesh of Rasalu Mangoes that comes with rich taste and excellent sweet flavor

The king of Mangoes

The Story of Indian


With the given epithet ‘The king of Mangoes,’ Alphonso has emerged from history only to get ‘cut and served’ to people awaiting to indulge in sense-delighting deliciousness.

While there are numerous varieties of mangoes in the world, the Alphonsos have been the subject of love songs and poetry for centuries. Native to India, these mangoes are coveted for their reddish-yellow skin, bright saffron color, tender and luscious texture, and creamy, sweet taste.

Its creamy, rich sweetness makes it perfect for eating alone or in chutneys, smoothies, or yogurts. Their short growing season has made it difficult to find in the states. Quicklly brings the most celebrated Fruit - Indian Alphonso Mangoes to our customers in the U.S.

Mango Selection Process

USDA Regulation for Indian Alphonso Mangoes

The USDA has specific regulations in place for the importation of Indian Alphonso mangoes into the U.S., arising from the risk of importing pests that could potentially harm American agriculture. As per USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), importation of fresh Indian mangoes is allowed if they meet standards for phytosanitary protection. Plus, the mangoes must be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate issued by the National Plant Protection Organization of India, certifying that the mangoes meet the standards set by APHIS.

Quicklly aligns to USDA standards and brings you the purest produce of Indian Alphonsos.

Mango Selection Process
Mango Selection Process

Our Mango Selection Process

  • arrow Semi Ripped Alphonsos are hand-picked from Indian farms
  • arrow They undergo Hot water treatment
  • arrow They are processed in the APEDA facility
  • arrow They go through an Irradiation process monitored by USDA Officer
  • arrow Once the USDA approved, they’re moved to 400 boxes container
Mango Selection Process

What We Deliver

Juicy, rich sweetness loaded with a beautiful aroma and delicious taste


Benefits of Mangoes

From fibre to vitamins and excellent flavor in between, mangoes are a natural superfood!

Mangoes Benifits
Prevent Cancer

Prevent Cancer

Mango contains polyphenols that fight against cancer

Control Blood Pressure

Control Blood Pressure

Mangoes are a rich source of fibre & beta-carotene, known to control blood pressure

Cure Anemia

Cure Anemia

Mangoes are rich in Vitamin C that improves iron absorption

Cure Acne

Cure Acne

Mangoes are rich in Vitamins A, B, C, and minerals that help improve skin health


What are some popular varieties of Indian mangoes in the USA?

Some of the most popular varieties of Indian mangoes in the USA include Alphonso, Banganpalli, Indian Kesar Mangoes, and Rasalu mangoes. All these varieties are procured fresh from Indian farms and delivered right to your doors in the USA at zero delivery cost.

Where do I buy fresh Indian mangoes near me?

If you're looking to buy fresh Indian mangoes near you, Quicklly offers nationwide delivery across the US. We’re home to the most authentic produce of Indian mangoes handpicked from local farmers and delivered straight to your doorstep, ensuring you receive chemical-free, natural and farm-fresh Alphonsos.

How do I know about the quality of Indian Alphonsos?

Quicklly procures authentic mangoes from Indian farms and manages all the rigorous processes by APEDA and USDA, ensuring our mangoes meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Where to get Alphonso mangoes online?

Quickly is your one-stop destination for authentic farm-fresh Indian mangoes. Our team of experts responsibly sources authentic Indian Alphonsos from Indian farms that are naturally sweet and meet the highest standards of purity.

Note: The mangoes may appear a bit dull due to transportation but rest assured of their divine sweet taste and purity.

How can I store Indian Alphonso mangoes?

The Indian Alphonso mangoes can be stored in the refrigerator once they are ripe and ready to eat. For Banganpalli mangoes, you can ripen them by putting a banana or onion in the box.

Indian Mangoes Season came to an end and will be back next year. Can’t wait next season? Sip irresistible Just Mango Lassi now!