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seasoning kit seasoning kit


Seasonings Kit

Prepare delicious meals by adding Indian seasoning. Grab our exclusive seasonings kit today.

  • Once
  • Weekly
  • Bi Weekly
  • Monthly

Easy Indie Bowl Kit

Cook irresistible Indian food seamlessly with our Indie Bowl cooking seasoning set.

  • Once
  • Weekly
  • Bi Weekly
  • Monthly

Flavors so familiar,
Yet so different.

Made from all 100% Natural Ingredients. Sneak a Peek of these ingredients that go in our blends.

  • black paper
  • star flower
  • Elaichi
  • turmeric
  • nutmeg
  • cumin seed

indian seasoning

Indian Seasoning

Devouring toothsome Indian meals at home is now easy with our seasoning kit. If you want to cook a flavorsome Indian dish, get our seasoning set that includes Indian cooking spices to add a distinctive zest to your food. Our masala seasoning helps add the flavors of India to your food. Order your Indian seasoning kit today and relish tasty Indian meals at home.

indie bowl

Easy Indie Bowls

Make tempting desi meals the perfect way by ordering an Easy Indie Bowl. Whether you want to enjoy a Paneer delicacy or a Chicken delight, we've got an indie bowl for everyone. Just mix the content with water and add it to a pan, heat along with the required ingredients. Your meal will be ready to serve.


Do I need to pay any delivery charges?

Quicklly offers free delivery of your Indian spices online for orders above $30. For orders below $30, a nominal amount of $4.99 is charged.

How much time will it take to deliver my Indian masala online?

Quicklly delivers your Indian Spices within 3-4 business days. You can choose your delivery slot for a quicker and on-time delivery. Order your Indian spices online with us!

Do these Indian Seasoning Kits contain preservatives?

We deliver authentic Indian Seasoning Kits and Easy Indie Bowl Kits containing zero preservatives, no artificial flavors, or other additives.

How do I use Easy Indie Bowl Kits?

Our Easy Indie Bowl Kits are pre-made mixes to make irresistible Indian cuisine with zero hassle. Pour in the content and required ingredients. Also, our Easy Indie Bowl Kits come with instructions laid on the pack for your convenience.

What are the storage requirements?

You can store your Indian Seasonings Kits and Easy Indie Bowl Kits at room temperature.

Can I schedule my delivery?

Yes, you can. We offer you a wide range of options of Indian masala online with a pre-scheduled delivery option for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly deliveries.

Can I pause or cancel my subscription plan?

Yes, you can pause your subscription plan at your convenience. However, for queries related to order cancellation, please reach out to us via email or call. Order cancellations are subject to the following T&Cs:

  • Cancellation done after 2 hours of placing an order will be subject to 50% cancelation charges.
  • Any missing or undelivered item must be reported within 3 hours of receiving delivery. Any query raised after 3 hours is not liable to be replaced, refunded, or returned!
Do these Seasoning Kits contain preservatives?

Our Seasoning Kits are made from natural authentic ingredients with zero flavors or color.

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