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SweeDesi SweeDesi Order Now

Order Sweedesi Indian sweets & snacks

Order Sweedesi Indian sweets & snacks

Order Sweedesi Indian sweets & snacks

About SweeDesi
About SweeDesi

Regional specialties of India sourced from best regional confectioners

The taste from that Halwai shop close to our home is one thing we’d want to relish every day. Moving to different locations, we may get to savor the same sweet or savory, but will the taste be as special as that of our much-loved Halwai? Ummm, doubtful!

At Sweedesi, every item is a labor of love made by the most celebrated confectioners of the Indian region. We bring you the regional specialties of India to you that taste delicious and pure. Salivating? Wait till you hear that every item is directly shipped from regional vendors and delivered to you. So next time you bite that Kanpuri Laddoo, you should know it is sourced from the best sweet shop in Kanpur and shipped to your doors.

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    Set your frequency
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    Select Products
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  • Direct from India
    Direct from India
    Your sweets are shipped directly from India

Our Collection

  • Laddu
  • Ghewar
  • Petha
  • Mysurpa
  • Bakarwadi
  • Chakli
  • Khakhra
  • Dry Fruits
    Dry Fruits
Our Story

Our Story

SweeDesi is a tribute to our roots, culture, and authentic hometown flavors. In our busy urban lives, we often long for these nostalgic tastes. The name “SweeDesi” combines “Sweets” and “Desi,” symbolizing traditional, pure, and preservative-free flavors.

We all love sweets and snacks, and despite settling in new places, we miss our hometown delicacies. Waiting for rare visits from relatives or hometown trips is not enough. Thus, SweeDesi was born to bring these fresh hometown treats to you quickly. After our appearance on Shark Tank India, a popular reality show, we’ve received an outpouring of love and support. The well-known panel of investors on the show appreciated our idea of helping local, regional vendors reach a global audience and allowing people to savor the authentic flavors they crave.

Our Story
Sweets For Everyone

Indulgent Indian Sweets

Sweedesi offers a delightful selection of authentic regional sweets sourced directly from the best regional vendors who have been known for generations for their amazing delicacies. So if it’s Sondesh, it will directly come from Kolkata, Ghewar from Jaipur, Mathura Peda from Brij Bhoomi, Mathura - ALL FRESHLY PREPARED!

Our diverse range of Indian sweets is your one-way ticket to your fondest memories and the flavors that spark nostalgia. So, go ahead, take a bite, and let our sweet and indulgent flavors take you to places of joy!

Sweets For Everyone

Most Loved Savories

We often rely on rare visits from relatives or hometown trips to enjoy these delicious snacks, and we miss them in our daily lives. To spice up your platter we bring you traditional Indian snacks like namkeen, pyaz kachori, bakarwadi, aloo sev, and more from the heart of every Indian region. Every snack on our menu is made to win your heart and give your taste buds the true local taste of India.

Crafted With Love

For Every Occasion

Sweedesi presents a delightful range of sweets and snacks curated into assorted gift boxes for every special occasion. Now, you can gift your loved ones the most authentic regional delicacies from India, bringing the true flavors to their celebrations.

These boxes are thoughtfully designed to pack together India’s rich and diverse confectionaries, featuring a variety of sweets and snacks from the best in town. From decadent sweets to indulgent traditional savories and nuts, Sweedesi has something for everyone.

Crafted With Love

Return Policy

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    Sweets are non-returnable as they are being shipped directly from India.
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    If you receive any damaged product, email us at [email protected] with a picture of product within 1 hour of receiving it.
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    We will work with our Quality & Shipping partner to resolve your issue and respond within 48 hours.

We do our best to ensure every order is perfect, but if it’s not, we’d love to make it right! Please know that we cannot acknowledge any refund requests made after 2 hours of receiving the product. Once an order is confirmed, cancellations are not possible.

About SweeDesi

About Sweedesi

Sweedesi was born to connect you with authentic Indian regional sweets and snacks at an affordable cost. We work to bring the flavors of your hometown and cherished Halwai shop closer to you. Moving to different places can introduce us to new sweets and snacks, but they often lack the special taste of that local shop.

We are creating an ecosystem for small regional players to bring them on a global platform and build a Logitech company for hyperlocal intercity delivery at an affordable cost.

About SweeDesi

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my sweets be fresh when they arrive?

We're deeply committed to providing our customers with the freshest desi sweets and savories. To achieve this, we ensure to get these fresh sweets from our native places as fast as possible and deliver to your doorstep.

Are my sweets directly shipped from different regions of India?

Yes! To provide authentic taste and nostalgic flavors, we procure the most loved sweets, snacks, and desi treats from the best regional vendors in India and deliver them to your door.

What is the packaging process for my sweets box?

We assure you that your products arrive in the best possible state. We employ sturdy corrugated boxes and use bubble wrap or crushed paper to secure the packaging.

How long will it take for my order to get delivered?

We take 5-7 working days to deliver your delicious box of sweets. If you choose to expedite your delivery, your order will be delivered within 3-5 working days.

How can I sign up for a subscription?

If you're looking for an Indian sweet shop online you've come at the best spot! You can subscribe for weekly, biweekly, or monthly delivery of your Indian snacks and sweets.
1.Choose your delivery plan
2.Select your products from Sweedesi
3.Make payment, and you're done!
Note: You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

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